Toasting the dawning of a better day!

I think I was afraid to open my eyes this morning!  I am truly facing this day with much apprehension! Yesterday was a nightmare.  It was on a fast slide south almost from the moment I got up, and I hate it when that happens.

I am basically a very optimistic, upbeat, looking for sunshine kind of girl.  I try so hard to always look for the best in people, because I firmly believe that people are inherently good and will choose to do the right thing and behave as adults when the need arises. Man do I hate it when they prove me wrong!

Do you ever have those days that seem like a dark cloud has descended?  When nothing is in sync?  For me that was yesterday.  From the minute I walked in the door until my sweet hubby managed to pull me out the door, work was not a pleasure.  I know there are days like that, I know that every day cannot be sunshine and flowers.  But manure and thorns?

Today is a new day, the sunshine of yesterday is promising to release itself into torrents of rain and thunderstorms.  I heard on the radio when I woke up that the river is pushing flood stage, within the week we will go above flood stage and hopefully crest.  The rain is going to be a benefit to us, the rain is going to wash away all the negative energy from yesterday.  I still have a few random bits and pieces from yesterday to deal with, to approach from a different angle after a few hours away from them.  I am hoping the day, almost 24 hours of time, will have mellowed out the situations.

Yesterday was a serious hump day, today is the back slide into the weekend.  I think that I will focus on the quilts I have to make, the garden I have to prepare, the spring veggies that will be planted. The planning for the future, all those bits and pieces will help me get through any challenges that come up in my day today.  I want to focus on the long road and move along.

So I will raise my coffee to toast a new day. I will relish the rain drops and bask in the promise of another morning. I will remain true to my beliefs that our choices dictate the outcomes of our lives and only we can control our responses to negativity.  We can't control the other person or their choices.

 Here is to a happy day!

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