Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a walk down memory lane...

A non-extraordinary day sure ended wonderfully!  This morning was nothing spectacular, I woke up in a funk and I was sure the day was only going to continue downhill.  But the sunshine worked it's magic.  And a beautiful gift of a day emerged.

Hubby's birthday is Sunday, and I ordered his birthday present from German Deli.  I have never ordered from them before, I was afraid to be disappointed.  I placed the order Friday, and I sure was hoping it would make it by Sunday.  I was pleasantly surprised and a bit concerned when it arrived today.  How on earth do you hide a HUGE box with the words German Deli written on it sitting on the front porch when you drive up?

I grew up in Germany, it makes me happy.  Hubby finally got to visit it last year.  He fell in love!  And for almost a year I have listened to him miss the food. He keeps reminding me what I have been telling him for years, you get close with American food and ingredients, but it's always just close.  Never the same, but you can get close.

Tonight for dinner he had the genuine article.  Fresh from the oven brotchen, German sauerkraut, perogies and Nuremberg sausages all washed down with an icy cold Erdinger Heffeweisen.  Our oldest and our grand baby joined us.  The boy is away at college, the youngest two are busy with their lives, so... the four of us enjoyed a wonderful German dinner.  Hubby could not stop smiling, I knew that I had managed to bring his memories to life. 

I love to see him smile, to make him as happy as he makes me.  And now that I know that I will get high quality from German Deli, I will be ordering from them again, often! It's pretty amazing to be able to bring a memory to life... now if I could have put the alps in the backyard that easily!