Looking for calm....

Today I am a mix of emotions... frustration, anger, disgust, and just plain exhaustion.  And all of this is directed at the same group of people.  I am a true momma bear and when you mess with my kids, I get riled. 

The reality is that it isn't the same group of people, at least not ones with faces and names.  It is a group of people.  It's the group that have abdicated their personal responsibilities. Yes the original group got me going and the more they show their ignorance and loathsomeness today they only make me angrier. 

They are not alone that small group of four people that are in it for what's in for them.  In today's society that seems to be the rampant thought process.  It is starting to be all about what are you giving me.  It isn't what do I have to do to move forward in life.  What am I not doing that I could be.  What is the cost I must spend to have what I want.  And that isn't about just material things either.  It's about life.  It isn't free.  It can't be had on the backs of others.  Life is about doing what you have to do to be successful.  Not standing there with your hand out expecting someone else to do for you.

Those four people that have me so over the top ticked off this morning... Have no concept of working for anything.  They all want the world, but they want it given to them.  They demand respect, they demand attention, they demand you make their life easy.  They are not willing to give anything, do anything, or even meet halfway.

These are things that really make me angry, too many in today's world are just like them, they aren't a rarity they are rapidly becoming the rule. 

I am glad that I prefer to be the exception to the rule.  I am so proud that I helped raise kind, caring and loving children.  My heart breaks that because of that they get treated badly, that idiots will interpret their kindness for weakness.  They aren't weak.  In fact both of them are a lot like me and when cornered they will fight back. My eldest, is particularly dangerous, I am glad.  Her loving nature is equal to her destructive one. Sadly, she will be the one injured in the resulting explosion.  Not physically, but her heart will take another notch.

I am angry for her, she will handle the stupidity far better than I am.  She will rise above it.  As her mom, I think I want to stew and be ticked off a bit longer. 

As a member of the human race, I still need time to stew and be angry that there are so many takers out in the world today.  People that have been taught they deserve far more than everyone around them.  That they are special people, for whatever reason, and that we should all jump on it to make sure all their needs were met.

I think I will head down to my studio and work on that quilt that is almost done, I will say another prayer for the human race.  Because honestly, none of us is better than anyone else, none of us deserves more than the other being handed to us on a silver platter.  All of us are equal, all of us have the same struggles to get through this life and all of us will have an easier time of it if we can remember that.  We are strong together, but we are weak when some insist on making their journey on the backs of others.

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