Why Yes! You can Kiss my Bass!

Sunrise over Sunnen Lake

As the sun was rising above the lake this morning, it occurred to me that it was going to be great day!  After all how could it not be wonderful when it starts in the low 70's and with a beautiful sunrise over the lake?

I am always a bit apprehensive about the retreats at work.  I have been to some that could best be described as train wrecks. This one, was simply put, great! We have new leadership planning and hosting them and it was evident.  The classes were fresh, the layout was planned wonderfully and they even took into consideration it was Cardinal's home opener! After dinner and the awards ceremony we joined the Bingo game which was great fun!

I didn't know if it could get better until today, I had the opportunity to take a class by one of my dearest friends and a great trainer.  It was about Happiness! And it really made my day brighter, how awesome of a way to start the day. It really made me stop and think about my happiness quotient and how it is a choice.  I loved it!  I realized that I am over all a pretty happy person... whew... that was close, I might not have been sure.  Seriously, I learned a long time ago that it's a choice, and usually I am.  Some days I might need a refresher, and that was what today was all about!

After lunch with my team, hubby and I headed to Sullivan.  I wasn't optimistic, I mean after all the last time we were there I was pretty down. 

Springtime, was starting to wake up all around us down at Trout Lodge, there were random flowers, budding leaves, it was all starting to break through.  Thirty miles away under cloud cover Woodland Lakes looked dismal and brown.  At least at first it did.  The trees were naked and bare, it was such a stark reminder that winter had decided to stick around a little longer than normal, nature had not yet decided to landscape. 

As we pulled up on our little plot of paradise we discovered yet another new neighbor.  This one is on the left and looks to be planning to set up something like what we have. They evidently are careful, as they took the time to have their entire lot surveyed.  At first I was shocked, and a little disappointed.  Then I started looking... seems my property line is a bit wider on that side than I thought.  The pins were a bit difficult to find and it wasn't important before.  We checked on our trailer (it is in great shape!) and we did a bit of tidying up.

When we were loading our fishing gear I could not help but notice all the flowers... Spring had come to Woodland Lakes, there were little splashes of color all over the forest floor.  It wasn't bold and garish like us humans tend to decorate for spring.  The flowers were petite and soft, they forced their way up around the dreary decay of fall.  The mosses were bright green tucked into the oddest and most unexpected places. They were light, airy, almost unreal in their delicate nature.

Driving away I was feeling a bit confused, Hubby and I keep talking about possibly selling it, especially now that we have so many new neighbors.  Unfortunately, I love it down there, the feeling I get when we are there is so peaceful and focused.  I can relax, unwind and just breathe... I don't know if I can face walking away from that.  I don't know if I want to.

We went to one of the other lakes today, Piney is the one we live off of, but it is quite an interesting stroll down the hill and I was wearing my Birkenstocks and didn't think they would be too great for going down the hill. So we went to Delago, one of my personal favorites! 

I wasn't feeling up to fishing, my heart wasn't into it.  I was feeling conflicted and I was tired, very tired.  Hubby needed a fishing fix though and after a few quick casts I realized I was needing it too.  We spent a couple of hours first walking the lake then sitting on the bench at the shore talking about quilts and b'longa'b's all the while casting and simply enjoying the peacefulness.   '

Neither of us had a lot of hopes of catching anything, after all it was a dreary, overcast day and the middle of the afternoon.  The lakes had just been reopened on March 30, so it didn't promise to be good.  Surprisingly, it was great, for catch and release.  I managed to catch 3 baby bass and pretty much managed to completely catch my first ever Crappie, that was so cool! Hubby had managed to catch a rather large one and is always telling me how fun it is to catch one, but in ten years I have never managed to catch one, until today.  I wish I would have had a net, as it managed to get free just as I got it on the bank, so sadly no time for a picture.

Hubby was a little disappointed.  We have a little contest we do each year, who can catch the first fish.  I caught the first fish of the year, correction, I caught the first FOUR fish this year. So he has a bit of catching up to do.  But 2013 belongs to me!  I rarely get to be the first one, he is much better at catching fish than I am. I think mine were simply luck.  We started to head home, but he wanted to cast a few more times, he is a bit competative.  He managed to catch two bass, and probably would have stayed all night to beat me.
First baby bass of the year!

It was getting late, and we were getting tired.  Leaving Woodland Lakes behind we were both still conflicted.  It so far away, about 90 minutes, we don't get there often.  The privacy and quiet that we both crave when going down there seems to be disappearing.  Who knows, maybe they are great people that we will develop life long friendships with.  Maybe they are party animals that will drive us nuts! Guess we will see, but for now, I think I will cherish those beautiful flowers pushing up around my camper.  The peaceful time I spent fishing on the banks of Delago with Hubby.... ah memory making on a beautiful spring day!

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