Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston!

Prayers for all
 My heart is hurting.  When does the senselessness stop?  What does injuring innocent people have to do with solving anything?  As the days ahead unfold more will be known, eventually someone will step up to take credit for the carnage.  Their ego's will demand it.  Bombs are a cowards way of making a statement after all.

I will continue to pray for these innocent people, runners that just finished a marathon and are now victims of amputations.  A little 8 year old child, dead.  A two year old in the hospital with a head injury.  It's all so sad and senseless.  What could the still nameless and faceless murder/s have been trying to prove?

The insanity of it, is without a doubt true.  What kind of a sane person does something like this?  When I was a teenager, we had a terrorist attack on the base I lived on.  I will never forget it.  I will never forget the classes we were all subjected to.  And what we were taught.  I know it was to protect us, to keep us safe.  I also know that today's attack qualifies as a "soft target", it doesn't advance your cause, it puts it into jeopardy.  No one wants to support a cause that kills innocents.  Although that was almost 30 years ago, maybe the rules for this have changed too.

Tonight I will pray again for all of them, tonight I will sleep a little more uneasily.  Wondering what is truly wrong with humans today.  The cruelty, the selfishness, the insane inhumanity of man against man.  Heart breaking.... Are we becoming dead inside?

Humankind needs to find it's balance again, it's heart....