Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a Matter of Perspective!

Maybe tomorrow....

It's been a soggy day in the Midwest.  It was raining when I got up 14 hours ago, it hasn't stopped yet. In fact at times today the rain was so heavy and hard that there were massive mini-rivers rushing through the streets.  I kept hearing the newscasts breaking in constantly about the flooding.  Heard my phone message from red alert, telling me my home was in a flash flood area.  I wasn't paying much attention.

I was focused on fixing the last bits of yesterday.  Moving forward from the challenges that still lingered. 

We got home a bit earlier than normal, which is probably a good thing. I was exhausted!

My sewing room is in the basement, so his hubby's man-cave.  My sewing room is where the sump pump is.  It's new, it's fast and efficient. 

I went down to the sewing room to throw in a load of laundry in my bare feet. 

A few feet into the room, my feet were cold and WET!  Uh Oh!  Our new pump had not been able to keep up with the down pours at some point in the day.  It wasn't as bad as it used to be, but it meant I was spending a hour or more cleaning it up.  I am heading back down in a bit, I will switch the laundry over and soak up a bit more water.

My first reaction was to be upset, why me?  A few minutes later... it occurred to me that I am blessed.  Very blessed.  Just this week alone so many people lost their homes, their lives, their ability to easily do the very things I was cranky about doing. 

I have all my limbs to allow me to clean the small mess it created.  I have my home to have the mess in.  I have a hubby to be cranky at.  I am blessed.  It really is all a matter of perspective... My legs and back hurt, but they will stop hurting soon.  My floor is still wet, but it will dry.  My hubby is still sweet and I will stop being cranky long before I go to bed...

I am blessed... Prayers for all those people in Boston, Texas, and around the globe that don't get to experience the stupid inconveniences of everyday life.  That will never quietly rage at silly things.  Prayers for a world that is suffering so much, and the people that are either too blind or unwilling to see.

I am blessed!! The rain has washed away the negativity...