Celebrating my Hubby!!!

Hubby and I in Brussels last summer!

I should have probably slept in, but knowing I had spent most of yesterday enjoying myself in my sewing room I knew I had lots to do.  So before the sun had even thought about waking up, I got up and savored my first cup of coffee of the day, it wouldn't be the last.  Most of the house is tidy now, just the kitchen to finish up on after I finish cooking and then it's time to celebrate!

It's James' birthday!!!  For some reason he wanted a party, he doesn't pick the usual ones to celebrate. Milestone birthday's are far too mundane for him.  We had his last big party when he turned 51, so it only stands to reason that we would pick 61 for the next.  We've invited close friends and family, people that make both of us smile.  Most of the kids will be here including a boyfriend or two.

Probably not gonna make weight watchers lists, but YUM!
He's been cooking since yesterday.  A huge pan of BBQ pork steaks is simmering on the stove, I am not a BBQ cook at all, I don't even pretend to be and his are great!  I don't even like BBQ, but I sure do enjoy his.  They just fall apart.  Now if you want some grilled salmon and veggies, I would be your girl.  So even though he is the birthday boy, he was slaving over a hot BBQ grill yesterday.

BBQ anyone??

We also had to mourn the passing of his beloved Weber Kettle.  He's had it for 30 plus years and it has served him well.  He's made tons of wonderful dishes on it, but it is now time to let the poor thing rest in peace, or pieces if you will.   He's cooked BBQ for the neighborhood when his brother had his jazz festivals in the back yard.  His Daddy used to say he was afraid he would serve him BBQ eggs if he could figure out how.  And after his Daddy and Brother had passed away, he would BBQ pork steaks for his Momma, putting them in individual freezer bags so dinner was always just a microwave ding away as she had more and more trouble getting around.

Is there a market for Weber crutches?
Ten years ago we bought that Weber all new parts and she was doing great!  But yesterday mid-steaks it started sliding slowly to one side, at first it was barely noticeable then suddenly it looked like a scene from the Titanic tipping sharply to one side.  But Hubby is nothing if not resourceful, I've been told that during his stint in Vietnam he was a lot like Radar O'Reily from M.A.S.H.! He quickly sprung into action calling me upstairs carrying various cordless tools as he went.  Ultimately, it ended up looking like a scene from "Trailerhood".  And I am sure it was not OSHA approved. But the old girl had it in her to make it one last time.  Perfect that it was for Hubby's birthday party!

The sun is starting to make its appearance, gracefully lighting up the sky with a beautiful orange and gold paint brush.  It is promising to be an extraordinary day.  Thank goodness!  The rain is supposed to roll in later tonight, but the day is supposed to be beautiful.  A beautiful day, to celebrate a beautiful soul's 61st year on this earth, what could be better?

The teller of goofy jokes, the willing hand, the heart of gold sometimes hidden in a lion's roar, the friend to all, the giver of groceries to friends that are down, the drier of tears, the bestower of teddy bear hugs and belly laughs.  The dream maker, the lover of puppies of all ages, the possessor of unconditional love, the gentle soul that hides behind bluster when insecure, the doting father and grandfather.  Today we are celebrating my own personal gift from God. 

Happiest of Days my dearest James!  I love you!! Time to get ready for your next 30 years!!

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