where is the snooze button?

Uggghhhh!!  I simply do not know how I used to work the early shift every day!  It's been almost a year since I opened every day and I am not sure how I managed it for almost six months!

I am a morning person... rarely do I ever sleep past 5:00 am.  I love mornings, but I do not consider 3:30 am to be morning I consider that to be the middle of the night.  I am so grateful for my opener!!! He is so awesome that I've  had the luxury of forgetting what that time of the day felt like and I am honestly pretty happy to be able to work for him today.

It was nice to see all the early morning guys, didn't realize how much I have missed them. Those guys that make it to work out at 5:30 am no matter how far they have to drive are a unique kind of crazy!  And it really made me smile and laugh to talk and banter with them again.  Just like old times. 

Will has them well trained, let me tell you!  I was laughing this morning at how funny they were, I made the coffee before they got here and they were upset that I stole their jobs.  How sweet is that? I got to catch up with each of them.  Had the chance to learn of all the changes the year has brought to them and all their aches and pains. 

The morning group is fun!  And despite the fact that I am still half asleep almost six hours later, I am glad I am here!  I have loved being told how great Will is. To know that a member of your staff is so  awesome that when they take a day off (after a year) they are truly missed.  When they realize you are the supervisor and take the time to tell you how awesome that person is... that is priceless!

I had forgotten how much of my work I was able to accomplish in the mornings when it's quiet and the phones aren't ringing off the hook.  I am almost completely caught up with the odd things on my to do list, and almost ready to celebrate the fact that it is Friday.

The sun is just beginning to shine down on us with it's full brilliance.  The forecast calls for an amazing weekend!  I am so excited about that, hard to believe the largest snow in years happened only two short weekends ago. And this weekend it looks like we will have mild spring temperatures, there is a rumor that we might even see the low 70's!  And no rain predicted until well after the party on Sunday!

So maybe I didn't hit the snooze button this morning, and maybe I will need a few extra cups of coffee today, but I am glad to have been able to visit and enjoy some of my morning members and catch up on some projects that my office is often too chaotic to allow me to focus clearly on. And my sweet hubby even got up early to drive me in, so I didn't have to come into the city alone so early... Life is good!

It's a good day!  How do you fill those crazy extra hours you sometimes find in a day??

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