And so it begins...

Practice makes perfect... RIGHT????

It is going to be really hard to get motivated to go to work today!  Hubby and I finished assembling my quilting frame and I have my practice fabrics loaded and have been playing.  I have waited and dreamed for so long, and it being down there just sitting without me is tough... really tough.
Not even done and it is that overwhelmingly huge!

It will take some adjusting, I don't do well in crowded and confined spaces.  It is huge!  We had considered putting it in one of the two rooms upstairs, but unless that room happens to be the living room it is not even remotely an option.  As I opted for the King size and yes I could make it smaller, but what a pain in the bum, it takes up a good 12 feet of space.  And it's at least 3 feet wide.  Makes my sewing/laundry room a bit small and way to cozy. 

Loading up the practice fabric and batting

Over time I will change things up a bit and give myself more space, I just needed to get it set up and learn to use it.  I have a quilt for my nephew that I need to make and I sure didn't want to quilt that on my poor little Pfaff, after ten years we might have broken up over that kind of nightmarish experience.  I simply don't have time or hands to have hand quilted it.

The last one I made that I quilted on the Pfaff... almost a tragic end for both of us

It is so exciting to know it is sitting down there, waiting for me.  I had Hubby playing with it for a bit yesterday, he is really quite good at it, so needless to say I will be putting him to work as I develop my dreams.  Silly guy, always trying to make my dreams come true without thinking about the fact that I am going to drag him into my insanity. 

Over all , it was an amazingly productive weekend, still so much to do, cramming all my wanna's around work gets seriously challenging.  For now, work is not an option, it is simply a must do.  Hubby found time this weekend to almost finish the vanity for Ava, her momma is working on the knobs and then we simply need to find a mirror and chair and it is complete. 

Gonna need some serious love!

The vanity is almost finished, hard to believe isn't it?
 Tonight after work I will dedicate an hour or so to working on the quilt, maybe I will find time to put another one of my quilts on the frame and start it, I have a great many that never managed to get quilted.  And all will be right with the world... although I might have to stop cooking and cleaning to make it all happen... yeah, I don't think Hubby would be okay with that.

Also managed to make 4 batches of soaps this weekend

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