I serve a Risen Savior!

And on the third day he rose again, He is Risen!  I have always cherished Easter.  It is always a joyous day, full of hope and promise.  He is Risen!! So that whosoever shall believe in him shall have life everlasting!

I am a Christian, to me that is very important to who I am, to my beliefs.  This year I have been blessed to have watched the entire mini-series "The Bible".  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have retold this story for our time, it is emotional and moving.  Too real for words and hopefully will bring Christians back together.

I always loved Easter when the kids were little.  I still love it, but it's different now.  Now I simply love it for the reason.  It was just a day like most days for hubby and I.  No colored eggs, no baskets brimming with gifts, just us and our boys. 

I was so proud of my daughter today, with the changes in her life, she wasn't with baby girl this morning, but she sprung into action when she got the call that every mother dreads.  Her baby girl was disappointed and crushed.  While I fumed and got upset for her, she set about making the day perfect for that little angel.

Her pure love showed in all she did today.  She is an amazing, love filled mother.  Sure she has a moment or two of frustration, who doesn't.  But the love that she gives so unselfishly, is something too few have or share in this silly world. 

It is odd to not have the things that used to be part of the holiday.  It is crazy for us to hide eggs for just us, and the boys simply don't get the concept.  Dinner was just the two of us, and while strange, it was good.  We watched the reruns of The Bible, to get ready for tonight's finale for the Resurrection of Christ. 

Different? Yes.  Bad? No.  I am sure there will be years to come where it is not so chaotic and so much going on in everyone's lives.  That we will have egg hunts and goodie baskets for our children and grand children.   But for now... We will rejoice in the fact that He is Risen!

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