Friday, March 1, 2013

In like a Lion??

I am pretty sure they say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or the other way around, but I am not sure if the snow dusting I saw outside this morning is coming in like a lion.  If so, it might be a pretty wimpy lion.  Makes me wonder what the rest of the month will bring, only 19 more days until the official start of spring.  Cabin fever might be moving in...

Well, it would appear that I do not have my Etsy shop ready to roll.  I need to do a bit more research, Illinois has so many rules and regulations about everything that I want to make sure everything is correct.  This weekend will find me doing some in depth research.  It is definitely in the planning stages, just not quite ready, unfortunately my real job is stealing my spare time.

Last night hubby and I did a bit more research on the mid-arm/long-arm issue and we might have come up with a compromise we can both live with.  He is so afraid I am going to chicken out again, I have been doing it every year for 10 years so he might be justified in that fear.  Yeah, I know it is a confidence factor - she says smiling weakly.  We have been planning this for a long time, and every year I manage to put it off long enough that it has to wait again.  I am not sure if that is intentional... although sadly, I do believe it is.

I want to do a bit more research, I am a bit shocked that there seem to be so few companies for there to be healthy competition.  And I also want to be sure I get the best product with a strong proven track record, I am not a fan of buyers remorse.  So far I have only found two companies that make what I am looking for and that seems a bit light.  Of the two at this time I am leaning towards a Grace King Frame, not sure on the machine I want yet.  I am pretty neutral so far, I want to look into the reviews and see what actual owners are saying about both of them.  Geez, I guess you can tell where hubby gets frustrated with me, maybe I am a bit too cautious.

My cousin sent me a great link yesterday, to her blog, and it was about fear.  It was great and I think I found a lot courage in her words.  No Fear February! if you have a minute read this too!  It really made me think and is helping me to focus on my goals.   I wonder if I will enter March like a lamb and find the confidence in me to exit like a Lion??

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