Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pampering Pups...

My boys make me laugh.  They are so funny, and with such strong personalities.  The big guy Neeko has developed a rather nasty habit of "marking" his brother.  Every time they go outside poor Gator comes in to a sponge bath, because Neeko has decided to "claim" him as his own. 

I keep telling Gator that it isn't raining on him, but he doesn't seem to notice.  Rather odd, as this old guy won't even go out in the rain. In fact any kind of water is his enemy. Every day Gator gets a sponge bath with a variety of soaps to keep him smelling fresh, not like a toilet, and it irritates him to no end.

Today was simply too much, Neeko decided to completely drench him. I tried to take care of it with a sponge bath but it simply was not to be.  So bath time it was...

Hurry and snap the picture he is HEAVY!

He doesn't fight me, but he doesn't like it.  He won't volunteer for a bath, but he won't fight me on it, once I get him in there.  After picking him up and carrying all 65 pounds of him struggling down the hall it was all easy going.

I don't have as much grief from the boys as Dad does when he baths them, they let me take care of them and move on. I don't shut the door or curtain, I just bathe them. 

Neeko usually has to be coaxed, okay dragged, down the hall for his bath.  So I was absolutely stunned tonight when just as I am rinsing Gator, in stepped Neeko straight into the bathtub.  I don't know if he heard me apologizing to Gator for the indignity he was having to suffer because of Neeko.  Don't know what prompted it, but there he was standing right behind a very wet Gator waiting his turn.

Dad came in and got Gator, while the big guy simply waited, allowing me to wash him and then dry him.  It was quite a shock.  Definitely not the behavior that I ever expect from the big boy.

My boys are both relaxing now. Both of those guys felt they needed not one, or even two treats before they were willing to be sweet again.  Those little buggers demanded three treats, and Gator is insisting on a nice warm nest of towels.

Hmmmm... okay I admit I spoil them, but they are definitely worth it!  The love and laughter that I gain from time with them is priceless.