Hijacking my Amygdala

I started to write a post yesterday before I went to work.  It was all sunshine and light, yesterday was my Friday and I was excited to get one more day behind me so that I had time to unwind.  I was just feeling giddy, it'd been a long week, even with the snow day in the middle, and I get really tired by the Wednesday/Thursday of the second week.

I never finished.  It was still sitting on my computer when I got home, too exhausted to finish it and not motivated anyhow.  What stopped me?  The news, they were talking on a national channel about a local columnist, and what they reported about sent me over the top! I try really hard not to be controversial, to always respect that people I love and hold dear or simply others in my sphere of the world hold differing views and ideas that might conflict with mine.  You will find I rarely post things that are polarizing on Facebook or even engaging in debates that draw strong emotions.  That isn't to say that I don't hold strongly to my views, I do.  I have strong beliefs around politics, government, the economy, personal rights and liberties, etc.  I just also happen to believe that we all have our thoughts and feelings for different reasons and me being a jerk to force you to accept my point of view is wrong and ignorant.

Yesterday got my blood pressure up.  And I am afraid that I will need to not watch the news or read it for a few days until this latest flavor of the week is done.  There is a columnist here in St. Louis that simply feels compelled to be inflammatory and who knows maybe he feels it is for the good of creating discussion.  Frankly, it doesn't work in my world, but then again I don't have to read him.  So I don't.

Yesterday though he took on something very close to my heart.  The military.  I never served, at least not as someone that ever received a paycheck.   But I will proudly admit that I am a Military Brat!  I was born, raised and lived the majority of my life moving around this crazy world as part of the incredible military community.  I know the sacrifices made by not only the service member, but their family, all for the benefit of an all too often ungrateful country.

I think the part that infuriated me even more, was that this man has served in the military.  Granted as he pointed out today, he was drafted when he failed out of college so maybe he cannot fully grasp the magnitude of signing your name to a blank check payable to your country up to and including payment with your life.  Even after all these years, being forced to join might have made him less able to comprehend and understand.

And yes, I will also admit that our country is on a sinking ship to nowhere right now, we need to seriously look at our economy and make some really hard choices.  I personally do not think all roads in our economic recovery need to lead to cutting everything for the military.  Some might disagree with me, but I am entitled to my own beliefs.  I personally believe they need to be looking to Washington itself. I believe there are many area's that need to be looked into and there are many cuts that could happen, but we don't want to make the entitled mad (they won't vote and vote often - don't forget I live in Illinois - land of the best politicians money can buy) and no I am not referring to Social Security recipients.  They worked for the benefits they receive.

To suggest that the best way to start attacking our economic issues is to take away military funeral honors and ask our veterans to sacrifice yet again for the good of our country.  Sorry, but no, they have given enough.  Our country has slowly eaten away at things promised our military, and what most people don't realize is that those military for the most part live at or below the poverty level for most of their careers.  It is not an occupation that will allow you to retire wealthy and in most cases even after retirement you will be starting from scratch because each move puts you back at square one.

We as a country provide well for our so called poor, I know this, I live and work in an area that demonstrates it daily.  There are people that come and hang out at my Y daily that have a new car, their hair/nails done in the latest styles, at least an  iPhone (usually several, paid for by our tax dollars),  enough tattoo's that if they don't own the parlor they could have paid for a nice home with the money they have spent, they come and play basketball and lift weights for hours.  Yet they are there with their disability checks or subsidy checks, they don't work and are proud of it.  They are too disabled to work, too disabled to contribute to society, but perfectly healthy to play. 

I am stopping now, because like I said I do not not like controversy and my beliefs are my own.  But leave the military alone.  They and their families have already sacrificed for this country, let some of the other folks step up and fill the void.

Yesterday, I let a glory hound looking for attention to hijack my amygdala.  I let his rhetoric steal the joy of my day and over shadow my feelings. Today, I am stealing it back.  I am still angry at his hatefulness.  But everyone is entitled to believe what they want, and if your belief's do not hurt me and my family I simply don't care.  This idea has the ability to hurt several of those I love, but honestly, I will pay for it myself if it is ever taken away.

Today is a new day, said columnist can spew all he wants, I for one will celebrate Good Friday and focus on the positive.  The sun came up this morning...

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