Paying it Forward

Beautiful Lilacs a gift from my sweet neighbor to make me smile
I believe strongly in living my life by the principal of paying it forward.  I believe that if I can always live by the principle of doing the best I can for others it will all come full circle.  I can't always make a huge difference, but I try to always make a difference.

We have dear friends that Hubby has known for a long time, they live across the street. They are always there to help us with our boys or if we need to go out of town.  They watch carefully over our home while we are at work.  And often cook delicious meals for us when we have to work late.  They will surprise us with treats and are always there with an offer of help or encouragement.

They have had to overcome some hurdles in the past few years, things that might have broken lesser people.  And somehow they still smile and laugh together, just like they have been doing for the better part of 52 years. They are my sweet Hubby's connection to his past, people that he can talk to about the old days, people that remember his Mom and Dad with great love and affection, they are his link.

We heard about a great deal on computers, and her's had died some months ago.  She loves her computer connection to her great granddaughter  and has been missing the chance to see the pictures.  She has an Ava too, and we all know how precious an Ava is!

Hubby and I talked it over, and decided that we would order one of the computers. It isn't a gaming computer, nor is it super fast, but it is just enough.  Just enough to make her smile, just enough for the two of them to enjoy the pictures of their great granddaughter, and for them to keep in touch with family far away. 

It is a small enough gift for the ones that they give us in exchange.  I am not sure which of us started paying it forward first, and that is the beauty of paying it forward.  It isn't about keeping score, it isn't about doing things wanting anything in return. It is about doing the right thing whenever possible, because some day you will be the one needing someone to be there to help you.  If you do the best you can by all, when the time is right I firmly believe you will blessed by another soul paying it forward.

The happiness that you gain by doing what is right is gift enough.  The blessings you receive make your world a better place in which to dwell. 

Today was a rough one at work.  I won't be calling it a banner day anytime soon.  But over a dinner of fried fish, coleslaw and mac & cheese, prepared and shared by wonderful friends that don't always have enough for themselves, we had the ability to pay it forward and be blessed by smiles and joy.  The day that was so rocky and rough was back in perspective.  For a few dollars we were able to give a gift of happiness, because they were willing to accept our gift, we reaped pure joy.

If you have a chance, pay it forward.  Not because of an expectation, but just for the love.  The reward is greater to your heart than it will ever be to the recipient of "gift". 

And always be thankful for the gift of friends...

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