Friday, March 1, 2013


Oh wow!  Having trouble breathing right now... I cannot believe what I just did!

Friday, Mar 1, 2013 -- Take action while you have the chance, for what you start today will likely stand the test of time.

My horoscope today.  After my hubby's "pep" talk last night, reading that this morning and then stumbling on an amazing price on the set up I was interested in... I did it...

I finally ordered my quilting frame and Juki long-arm. This is definitely my year for stepping out of my comfort zone!

I feel a bit sick to my stomach. I love and hate that hubby believes stronger in me than I do in myself, and I am so grateful for his strength as I make these steps.  His twinkling eyes when he smiled as I ordered it were so reassuring.  I truly am blessed.

The next step to b'longa'b's has been taken, I feel like those baby steps are becoming a toddlers stumbling run.


  1. So exciting! Now you just have to wait... I hate waiting. :)

  2. I know... the waiting is going to make me nuts! I have not patience once I have committed to something. :)



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