Adventures with Ava!

Writing "I love you" on the glass
 We don't get as much time as we would like with our little Ava, so this weekend is special!  I wish I had had the foresight to have my camera ready and on video when I picked her up from school yesterday.  The smile and laughter when she immediately spotted me and told the teacher my Gramma is here and came running was so priceless.  I wish I could share it!  She was simply bubbling from her toes with excitement that she was going to get to spend three whole days with Gramma and Grampa. "Where was Grampa by the way"

I am not sure where she came up with three whole days, probably because she is out of school on Monday.  Luckily, Gramma doesn't go to work until late, so if she wants to stay... she most definitely is able to do that!
Gramma and Ava having a lunch date at work

We hurried off to the mall where I had left Grampa getting his eyes examined, as my appointment was next and I sure didn't want to be late.  The smile and laughter immediately repeated itself as Grampa came out of the examination room and she caught sight of him. 
Grampa and Ava being silly

There is no doubt in our minds that she loves us as deeply as we love her! Since she was born we have tried to spend as much time as possible with our little angel without intruding in her Mom's life while we do it.   Luckily, Ashley knows how much we love our angel and lets us snatch her quite often.  Her first road trip was with us to Arkansas for a weekend.  She flew across the ocean with us both ways this past summer.  And we often spend a day or two together whenever we can.

Hotel Lobby in Germany

Ava and Grampa in Frankfurt Germany

Hubby and I spent a few hours trying to decide what to do this weekend.  We played with ideas of going to the Science Center, with a stop at the OmniMax for her and Grampa (Gramma gets sick in there) or maybe a trip to Baker's Creek for it's first pioneer fest of the year.  Ultimately, we've decided to take her to the Original Mineral Springs Hotel for a day of playing in the pool and hanging out playing games.  We will spend the night, which she will love, and eat lunch and dinner out so she can be her usual grown up self.

In a bit she will be awake, questioning us about the surprise.  We didn't tell her what we were doing today, just that it was a surprise for her.  She loves to try and solve mysteries, so this will keep her going for a bit of time.  Our neighbors will watch "the boys" over night so we can let her have a special memory of fun stuff.

It's important that she knows she is loved.  We both have great memories of our Gramma's and Grampa's, treasures that we keep close to our hearts.  Being grandparents is a role we both take very seriously.  It's not like parenting, it's like parenting on steroids! You get to do all the wonderful stuff, but you don't have to do all the non-fun stuff, although you are always willing and able to step into the void when needed and help with all that other stuff.

Ava and Grampa on the Train in Germany

Ava and Gramma being silly at school
Grampa showing Ava the new App he downloaded just for her

Grampa and Ava as this weekend starts
Sometimes she is a busy girl that makes us wonder if we have enough energy to keep up with her, other times the sweetness of cuddling her simply reminds us that we don't need energy.  I am so excited about today's trip with her, that I didn't sleep much last night.  I can't wait to experience the wonder of the day with her, I was so busy raising my kids that I often forgot to stop and look at the world through their eyes, with Ava... it's the simple things that make us smile the most.  With Ava, you always get to experience the wonder and magic through her eyes. 

She is my mini-me, it's crazy, just like Ashley is my mom's mini, and I felt connected to my Grammie like that... but Ava is truly my mini-me.  She even has "glasses" with clear lenses because Gramma does and she kept stealing mine.  When I wear my contacts, she "wears" her's too. We both have Nooks that are both in pink cases, and are linked so we have all the same games.  If Gramma is "needling" (knitting) she sits on my lap and holds the needles with me, she always wants to know what I am doing.  We do wood working and painting together and we sewed her birthday dress for her 5th birthday together.  With her little fingers helping me pull each stitch through the fabric, careful not to prick her fingers and laughing through it all.
Ice cream and a movie

Hanging out in the Aunties/Ava's room

Why yes I do like ice cream

At the Fabulous Fox to see Wicked with G & G

G & G dress me up for this weekend!

As much as she is my mini-me she is her Grampa's girl!  Oh the smiles she gives him!  She has him wrapped around those little fingers and they share a love of music and dancing. She sits with him for hours at the computer "flying" airplanes and looking at music video's.  They love to have ice cream together and play silly games.  Grampa will push her on the swing, and teach her how to fish.

Time spent with Ava is magical, and we try to never waste a minute... We are blessed to have her and we hope that angel face feels blessed to have us!

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