Hello UPS man!

It is never fun to be sick on the first beautiful pre-spring day.  It's downright depressing.
The UPS man doth deliver sheer joy!
 The UPS man sure knew how to cure that depression!  Just in time to lull me out of the dumps he arrives with a box containing my new quilting sewing machine!  I have never had a Juki before and it has a bit of a learning curve.  I am pretty darn excited about it. 

I assure you that I can force myself to focus when it involves a new toy.  And last night was no exception.  Now... learning to thread a new machine is not the easiest thing with a blinding headache, and I am sure that it will be much easier when I can see straight.  I simply couldn't wait.  After a full week of waiting for it to arrive I had to see it, play with it for a minute and enjoy the simple lines and beauty.  I needed to have time to dream of the beautiful things it will help me create.

Hmmmm... what all does this do?

I called to find out when my frame would arrive.  As they are shipping from different locations, they did not arrive together.  Looks like at least another week before that happens, seems lots of folks are just like me and decided to buy frames.  Grace Frames has been selling them like crazy and just got their parts shipment in, hopefully it will head my way on Tuesday.  That is the part that I am truly excited to get.  I have a Grace hand quilting frame, as I love hand quilting. But two hand surgeries later, hand quilting is reserved for extremely special quilts and not the everyday use ones.

I love quilting as much as I love all my other fiber crafts.  Fear of pain and not being able to quilt them by hand has seriously slowed down my creation of them.  I have 8 tops in the sewing room that haven't been quilted because I didn't want to struggle with quilting them on my Pfaff, simply too much frustration involved in that.  What is the point of creating tops to simply leave them hanging on the quilt rack unfinished?

The excitement I feel about being able to seriously start quilting again has inspired me to share that with others.  I approached my boss last week about offering a basic t-shirt quilting class, and she approved it.  So next week, I am going to put together the plan, budget and all the non-fun stuff so it will be ready to roll for the next session.  I am really thrilled about this, I prepared this plan in the past for kids without any success.  This time it will be for those 16 and over only.  We will see...

Hopefully I will feel up to playing a bit today... what are your plans for the weekend?  What will you create?

Zorro wants to share his inner creativity!

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