Patience is a Virtue?? Right??

Because if it is, I am a long way from there!!  It is so hard to wait, I don't do it well... In fact when I think I will blame the military.  "Hurry up and wait"... for as long as I can remember I heard that, lived that... seems it is still part of my world.

It feels like I am waiting for everything.

Waiting for time to work on a few projects.  Time for sleep.  Waiting for my quilting frame and long arm to arrive seems to make the days drag by.  Funny how I can wait forever to finally invest in one, and now, it feels like I have been waiting forever for it to arrive.

I don't wait well for anything, once I have finally made up my mind, I want it yesterday. 

I can knit on a sweater for weeks, socks same thing.. those last few inches are enough to make me go crazy!!  I am as calm and I don't feel rushed at all, but get me within a day of the end and it drags on.  Each stitch will take me an hour, I can feel time slowly come screeching to a halt, the needles dragging not gliding.

Does anyone have a secret to make the waiting more bearable?  A way to stop me from looking at the UPS tracking non-stop?  Or is that part of the joy??

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