Saturday, March 30, 2013

Creating, Rebuilding, Repairing...

Tea Tree and Cedarwood ready to dry
It is a busy weekend here at our house, maybe it is because it finally feels like spring, or we simply got bit by the bug.  Hubby and I are making a serious dent in our to do list and it feels great!

Hubby is downstairs working on the vanity for Ava's new room.  It is an "us" project, but he is getting started, because I am kind of tied up with my projects and glue and wood putty take a while to cure.  Sure would be nice to have it ready to turn over to Mommy and Ava this weekend.  It's gonna look so awesome!  Has me seriously wanting to start going to  yard sales for old furniture to make new again.

In less than 24 hours so much wonderful creation has taken place at our house.  I am on my third batch of soap.  I have a standard recipe that I completely love, it's rich, creamy, easy to make and simply wonderful!  It is not the one I am working on right now.

double, double, toil and trouble... Cocoa Butter Soap
This is the second time I have stepped away from that recipe.  The last time ultimately made an amazing bar of soap, so I am hoping this time will be as good.  The company I buy my lye and essential oils from was having a sale on cocoa butter, pure and unrefined, at a crazy low price.  I have seriously dry skin and cocoa butter is one of my favorite oils, so why not?  We shall see, but so far, it not only smells heavenly, but looks to be making a beautiful soap. 

Setting up to dry...
I am fairly sure I waited almost 18 years to be brave enough to try my hand at making soap, now I can't imagine what it would be like to bathe with a chemical laden bar from the store again.  I haven't made cold process soap yet, not sure I ever will.  I enjoy making it in the crock pot.  I know I can't do all those pretty designs with this method, but it is so easy and quick.  No waiting!  I don't have patience for waiting, I waited too long to begin with.

Batch #4 what will you be???
Just added Ylang Ylang to that cocoa butter soap, oh my goodness it smells heavenly, Ava is going to love it! It filled the mold that hubby made me for Christmas, I was worried at first because it is a rather large mold and I was afraid it would be too big.  It looks to be perfect for this recipe.  I am getting ready to line some cigar boxes for the next batch.  I think it will be eucalyptus, but I am not sure, maybe a combination of eucalyptus and tea tree as those are my favorite.  I also have a cinnamon, I love the smell of cinnamon... decisions, decisions... But I need to make a choice soon, because I want to be finished with soap making by noon. 

Box number one, half way empty
I promised my sister that I would make my nephew a t-shirt quilt for his graduation, she had been saving shirts for a really long time.  Yesterday I finally broke into the boxes and started prepping them.  I am excited to see how it turns out, I think it is going to be amazing, it definitely will tell his life story.  What a great graduation present.

Sleeves anyone?  These are heading to the compost pile...
 In the midst of all of it we've made chicken jerky for the boys and I have beef jerky just finishing up for the biggest boy. 

I love weekends like this, where I can do the things that fill my soul, my sweet hubby helps me (I adore working on projects with him!) and so much is accomplished... What next???

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