Thursday, March 21, 2013

It was one of "those" dAyS..

Direct from Bailey's Chocolate Bar in St. Louis!
Yesterday sure dawned beautiful and bright.  It held so much promise. I guess I should have checked my horoscope, I might have been prepared for the day. Sadly I didn't and the day almost got the better of me. It was rescued by my own knight in shining armor.

I have a challenge with noise and chaos, I cannot function well when there is a lot of it.  I also don't do well when schedules and plans change.  As I've said before my son might take after me a bit with that change stuff. As a result my beautiful, cold spring day changed almost as soon as I walked in the door at work and started on the fast track downhill.

Yesterday was one of those days where everyone needed my time. My phone rang off the hook, I had several projects that were short notice deadlines, one long meeting already scheduled and one surprise meeting planned, members in the lobby were insisting on holding conversations so loud they might have been heard on the fourth floor, emails kept popping up that needed attention immediately if not sooner, the lifeguard was late, the members were mad, files I needed were missing, information I needed to complete projects was not available, staff had left things unfinished and I was left dealing with angry people... and all of it before noon.  That is a lot to put into a morning and for me highly stressful!

Hubby and I had planned to go have lunch together, so I didn't pack anything.  I should know better, because in our world things always come up.  So when I got the text saying he wouldn't be back for lunch immediately after finding out that I had a 1:30 pm meeting that I now had to gather a ton of scattered information for, I was about ready to lose it!  I wasn't sure whether to be relieved because I now had time to get ready for the meeting or sad and hungry because I didn't have a lunch date with Hubby or lunch for that matter.

That is when the day started turning around, while I was trying to get all the chaos surrounding me under control Hubby had replied that he was bringing me lunch and asked what I wanted.  Of course that was right as the lifeguard issue had popped up so I didn't have a chance to reply, which is really okay. Hubby knows what I like and he rarely makes a misstep. Yesterday was no exception.

That small thoughtfulness was enough to reset my day on a different path. Shortly after starting to eat lunch at my desk the 1:30 meeting got pushed back, seems too many of my peers could not make it, lunch ended up being eaten in the break room at a slower pace.

The afternoon was still stressful but a different kind of stress, I wasn't feeling like I was coming unglued any longer, just wanting the day to wrap up. My son is home for a week, my quilting frame was scheduled for delivery... I was trying to wrap up to leave with Hubby at 3:30 pm, it just couldn't happen...

On his way back he called to see if I would be ready to go when he got back, if I wanted him to pick up dinner so I didn't have to cook.  He's thoughtful that way.  I didn't, but jokingly told him no I needed chocolate or ice cream.  Then proceeded to forget about the call while rushing to wrap up the last project on my list.

I wasn't looking up when a single, perfectly formed red rose slid in front of me. That alone was enough to make my world perfect!  What followed took it beyond perfect into nirvana! He told me I needed to come to his office, as I started to follow I was stopped to deal with an issue at the desk.  Which probably only worked to his favor.  Hubby found the most heavenly ice cream from Bailey's Chocolate Bar and he made me the most amazing sundae.  Dinner for me last night ended up being an incredible Bailey's ice cream made with real Bailey's Irish Creme and topped with a decadent chocolate and caramel sauce, fresh made whipped cream, and an assortment of mixed walnuts, pistachios, pecans and cashews sprinkled on top.  All served in peace and quiet at a small work table in his office.  Just what I needed!

Reset complete! Nothing was messing with the mood I was in after that!  Red rose on my desk, yummy sundae in my tummy, and the day was finally over!! Even coming home and finding one of the six boxes for my quilt frame had not arrive did not take away my joy of how the day wrapped up...

I wish everyone could have their own "reset man", someone that loves you enough to make sure "those" days are short, few and far between... because I am blessed to have Hubby, he has spent 10 years making my life amazing even through some really bad stuff and he just keeps surprising me!!  I sure do love that crazy guy!

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