Friday, March 22, 2013

I want to play!

Woke up with this morning with what feels like the start of a head cold. Didn't sleep well at all last night, and I had so much planned for this morning.  It's cold and dreary, Spring completely lied about it's arrival, they are even predicting snow.

I feel like a three year old being told she has to leave her playroom for dinner when she is not hungry.  I just wanna play! Today I want to check out of the grown up world and play with my toys.  I have so many projects that are going on and I simply do not have time or energy to even start playing with them.  This is making me incredibly sad.

I have to go to work later today and normally I would start playing with this many "toys" scattered about waiting for my attention.  Sadly my energy level is a bit low and I might just sleep instead.

All six boxes of my quilting frame have arrived
After waiting almost 3 weeks, my quilt frame boxes have all arrived, I thought about putting it together last night... decided to make Mom's Burritos and Strawberry Daiquiris for the family for dinner instead.  It was a good decision, and I enjoy taking care of my family.  Honestly after that and the long day I had already had, I seriously did not feel like tackling those six boxes.  Pretty sure my instruction following skills were completely turned off at that point.

On the way home from work the girl called to ask us to meet her at Goodwill, she'd discovered several treasures that wouldn't fit in her little car.  That ended up being dangerous, because we discovered the cutest little vanity for the grand baby's room.  Okay, maybe not cute, at least not yet, but I cannot wait to get to work on it, it's gonna be amazing when it's finished. Grampa and I have a new project and about a month to finish it.

Walking down the hall I saw my poor little spinning wheel sitting there looking neglected.  The beautiful multicolored fall yarn I am spinning for a sweater for me, just sitting there looking lost and lonely.

By my chair sits the sweater that I am working on and right inside the front door sits the Martha Washington sewing cabinet hubby got for us to refinish with the box of soap supplies I just ordered still sitting on top of it.

This month has flown by and I haven't had time to get anything finished or started for that matter.  Today is day number five of thirteen, the weekend should start tomorrow... I am working with all these wonderful toys I want to play with waiting at home.  There are projects I want to finish, projects I want to start, things I simply want to do.  This really makes me want to throw myself on the ground and throw a full fledged three year old tantrum! I don't think it would do anything except give me a worse headache, but I really, really wanna!!!

I am debating on taking a nap to let the cold medicine work, you know I don't feel well when I am willing to take cold medicine, as it will be a long night.  Or turning on a radio show and knitting on the sleeve of my sweater.

One thing is sure, I am going to buy a lottery ticket on my way to work, who knows... I have as good a chance as anyone, and that would definitely solve my time problem to tackle all these projects and dreams...

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