Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today is a double blog... because the more I think about it the more I want to celebrate my sweet baby girl!  She isn't into celebrating anymore has this thing about the number of candles accumulating on her cake.

But my sweet girl is an amazing woman and I want to celebrate her!

She has been determined to live her life on her own terms since before she was born.  I was sure she was going to be born on March 10, as I was in labor the entire day.  She had different plans though, she waited until 1:04 am and then she was in a big hurry, almost being born in the hallway in her hurry to arrive.

She never took the time to learn to crawl, that would have been far too average for my little blonde, she scooted for a bit and then at just barely nine months old she stood up and started walking.  Daddy following her every step with a pillow.

Blonde was headstrong even when she was little, her daddy and I never stood a chance at disciplining her.  At only two when we would put her in timeout she did not slow down the slightest, she would walk around the house bent over holding on to her rocking chair so it never left her little bottom.  Then looking us sternly in the eye and telling us she hadn't gotten out of the chair.

I have seen her charitable nature so many times from a young age, when she would take her own clothing to school to share with a little girl who had nothing.  Sneaking them into her so that no one knew and she wouldn't be teased.  To the strong young mom that gives love unselfishly, who will never turn her back on a creature in need, two legged, four legged or no legged she will look out for any and all that need her.

She is always there to support and torture her siblings. She will be the first one to play a prank on them.  And she is the first one that will take on any one that might think they are dumb enough to mess with any of them, and heaven help the gal or guy that thinks they will try and break one of their hearts.

She is a dedicated and loving mom, that gives completely unselfishly and works hard at raising amazing children!  Our beautiful grand daughter is a perfect mirror of her momma, she a darker version to her momma's pale blonde and blue eyes.

Each milestone was reached in her own unique and determined way, I have had so much joy watching her tackle the world! 

That little Blonde has given us heart failure, scared us to death, given us more joy than imaginable, made us laugh, cry, cheer and always respect her!

Today I celebrate the amazing young woman that she is!  I might be partial, after all I am her mom, but she is smart, determined, beautiful, caring, loving, dedicated, talented, creative, supportive and a million other amazing traits!!

So happy birthday baby girl... I am so blessed to be your mom!!!

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