I think I brought the drearies home with us...
Brrrrrr... It's so hard to believe that just Friday it was in the high 60's, low 70's. Seems as quickly as spring poked it's head around the corner, it dashed off back to winter. All the rain, sleet and tiny ice balls that pelted us yesterday seem to be trying to stick around again.

Kind a dreary way to start a long work week.  Or maybe it is the perfect way, I won't be daydreaming of being out walking in the sunshine!

This morning is starting to look like it will end up being a morning of shoulda's... I shoulda done this and I shoulda done that, but in reality I am getting very little of it done.  I don't seem to have the motivation.  I know that going into one of the long work weeks I need to plan ahead or I will be so behind when it is over, but I just don't feel it.

I managed to get the laundry all done yesterday, with the exception of my son's, and it is in the dryer right now.  I should go strip the bed and do the bed sheets, but I hate to disturb the old man when it's this damp and dreary.  His old bones ache, I am sure, as my not so old bones ache. I can completely empathize.
I can't force this old guy to move...
I planned to make soap this morning, got a new collection of scents that I want to try, but I just don't feel like climbing up and down the stairs to bring my stuff up. Seems I managed to hurt my hip and stairs today are seriously not my friend.

I should be knitting on my sweater to get it done, as I have an odd quirk about not liking to start a new project when I have projects that I am working on already.  I am not one of those folks with a ton of WIP's, that would drive me crazy!!

I should sweep and mop the house, and tidy the kitchen, but again, I am just not feeling it.

I should start my peat pots and get some seeds started, all too soon it will be time to plant my garden and if I don't get with it I will be starting from seeds - literally!

Wow, reading this list of "shoulda's" I am feeling a bit on the lazy side. What I would really like to do is climb back into that big old bed with the old guy and sleep for a few more hours.  Instead I think I will get my act together and do something.  If nothing else change this shoulda mood all around, 'cause it is surely going to make for a really, really long long week if I don't get it moving in a different direction.

Is it just me?  Is it just Monday? Is anyone else fighting the "I don't wanna's"?

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