Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Disclaimer alert... I am not Irish, and I am fairly certain there isn't any Irish in my family tree, but today... I think the world is Irish!  The other dilemma that often arises, is that I am not Catholic, as my Dad often pointed out when we were younger and told us we should not wear green today.  I shall have to check my closet to see if I even have anything green to wear today, it is not a good color for me, so needless to say my clothing selections are quite void of it.

My hubby is a nice healthy mix of Irish and German, if that mix can be healthy.  I am mostly German, English, with a bit of French and Eastern European thrown in for good measure.  Hubby was raised Catholic, and our twins are Catholic, so I feel quite safe in celebrating the good Saint Patrick today.

All that being said, our celebration will be a bit tame, if it exists at all. I don't like crowds, hate them in fact, so we won't be going down the street to the local Irish hot spot, mostly because the majority of several towns have been there since Friday night. Guinness and that many people would send my blood pressure through the roof.  Never mind that we could easily walk down there.  Nope, our celebration will simply be a nice corned beef, potato and cabbage dinner, and if I am feeling a bit more ambitious I might even make a soda bread, but it isn't looking too promising now.

Ireland is on my bucket list of places to visit, I have tried many times, but something always comes along to keep it from happening.  Who knows maybe someday I will go.  For now I will content myself with having a small piece of Ireland that sits on my desk.  Joe, a dear Irish fellow, that I partner at work with went home to visit a bit ago, and brought me the prettiest stone.  It sits on my desk for when I need to day dream. 

Today should find me planting my potatoes, but given the non-stop rain since last night, I am going to say that won't happen. Heck, half my garden looks like a swamp, I am seriously considering an aquaponic garden at this point.

My seed order arrived yesterday, and I would love to start playing, but looks like it will be Easter weekend before I can. Next weekend I have to work, no gardening will take place.  I might go buy the supplies for my potato towers though.  Potato Towers and Living Fence Posts I found this through a series of links the other day, and it holds great promise! Our ground gets pretty solid by fall and it is a bear to dig into with a shovel or pitch fork.

Other than that the day will be filled with the usual weekend chores.  Laundry, chicken jerky (for those spoiled boys of mine), cleaning up the house, and enjoying having my kids around.  My sweet boy is home for the last Spring break, and I want to get to spend some time with him. He will most likely not be coming home for Spring break again and I don't want to miss it! I will squeeze in some work on my sweater and making some jerky for my human boys, and girls, too.

Guess my celebration will be a day of chores and rest, given I start a 13 day week tomorrow, I am going to say that it sounds heavenly!  How are you celebrating?

May there always be work for your hands to do...

 May there always be work for your hands to do
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

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