Hello Spring!

Brrr.... Spring is being a bit shy this year, the warm spring breezes and the budding flowers and bushes are hardly noticeable. In fact as I let the boys out this morning there is a distinct Fall nip to the air. 

Spring, the season of beginnings, the start.  In Greek mythology Persephone returns from her six months in Hades, and her mother decorates the world to celebrate her return. Throughout the world, in most cultures Spring is a time for celebration and rebirth.  When the warmth awakens the sleeping beauty that surrounds us. 

If you are a gardener, you know that soon all will be right with your world.  An outside enthusiast will be bursting at the seams knowing that with the coming warmth new opportunities are waiting.  If you are a school child your concentration slowly drifts away from school and closer to the fun things waiting for you just around the corner at schools end. If you are me, Spring Fever is a very real illness that you will fight for several months - longing to be outside and not focused on anything happening inside.

 It is by far my favorite season.  I dislike the heat of Summer, Winter is so dreary after a while but Spring tucked in between them is like a small bit of paradise waiting to be enjoyed.

I love the symbolism of rebirth, the starting of new, the celebration of the gentle shift in life.  Different places I have lived all hold memories of beautiful spring days.  Charleston is one of my favorites, because spring explodes there, it is quick and breathtaking with colors and fragrances that are so vibrant I can still remember them close to 25 years later by closing my eyes.  My gardens in Washington State always took my breath away, I was so thankful to the woman decades before that had planted all those beautiful daffodils, they still remain my favorite spring flower, an absolute field of bright yellow daffodils waving in the warm spring sunshine, stirred by the soft breezes. 

In my life there are many things that are being changed this year, this season of rebirth is so evident.  I am working on my own goals, ironically my quilting frame is scheduled to arrive today. My children are working on changes of their own.  I am enjoying sitting back, watching them grow, seeing them become such wonderful people! 

Last night, after a couple of hours enjoying the birth of a dream with my kids, I was lucky enough to have dinner with them.  It was so fun to sit, talk, laugh and simply enjoy them.  It is such an interesting journey from simply being mom to being friends with your grown children.  It is rewarding and amazing to know that you helped to raise those little ones into wonderful adults that you are able to enjoy so much!

Happy Spring everyone!!  Do you celebrate this wonderful rebirth?  Or is it just a passing season to get you closer to one of your favorites?

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