Roller Coaster rides... not for wimps!

What a roller coaster ride today has been... I am exhausted just looking back on it...

This morning I was sure feeling like I was the queen of the world and organization was my middle name.  I managed to get my Dad's birthday presents ordered, was ready for tonight's class and heading to work.

Work,... well that did not start off so great, both the pool and whirlpool were having some serious issues... YIKES!

Banking took what seemed like forever and then a few phone calls later I was fairly sure I was an emotionally drained dishcloth that was left on the side of the sink.

So many things going in the wrong direction, trying to be my usual positive self was not helping matters at all.

Read my horoscope... wow, maybe we should say HORRORSCOPE... it was spot on!  Looked like someone was looking at my day while they were writing it... I was so afraid for for the next half of the day... I was fairly certain it was time to dig a hole and hide in it.

A few photo's of my little princess and a quiet lunch with hubby... the roller coaster flipped through the loop and was heading up again.

The next phone call had me smiling, the one after that changed the coarse of the afternoon! 

Next up class number three! Several had to miss class, our group was cozy, but wow, did we ever make progress!!  I felt a bit left out tonight, as they were all moving along on their own.  Creating like crazy! A flurry of activity, machines whirling and colors swirling around the room.

I took a class a bit ago that talked about filling up your bucket, referring to keeping yourself emotionally full... tonight my bucket was filled to over flowing.

I convinced my hubby to bring my Pfaff, he didn't want to, was sure he might break it or something.   By the end of class, he was just as in love with it as I am.  In fact, I might have to start sharing it.  And I am okay with that!  He's made great progress on his quilt, it looks fantastic!  Not surprising he is quite talented, and the color of fabric he picked has ended up looking incredible! All of the quilts are coming together so beautifully, I cannot wait to see them finished.  The lone non-t-shirt quilt in the batch is so lovely!  It's amazing to watch and experience. 

The roller coaster is slowing down and I am about to crawl into my bed and let this day slip away.  Hopefully tomorrow is a little less rocky, a bit more on the smooth side. After all, I am not a fan of the roller coaster....

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