Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

The sunshine burning off the fog around the Arch
It's too early to be awake...

Although I am, and its sounds like most of the world is too. The first sounds penetrated my consciousness somewhere around 3:30 am, the train decided to go past blaring it's horn at 4:00 am, I gave up shortly thereafter.

Two cups of coffee later, I feel almost human, wondering what the day might bring...

It's May 1st. May Day in some countries, here, it's just a day.  I remember May Day celebrations when I was younger, growing up around the world.  May Poles, dances, the celebrations.  I have snippets of memories of learning to dance around the May Pole at some point when I was younger. Just small fragments of the past.

Today starts a crazy month for me and so many of my loved ones.  There will be four graduations, one high school and three college.  Four young lives all getting ready to start a new chapter and to grow their dreams.  I hope each of them finds something that will make them crazy happy and ready to conquer the world.

My Dad will turn 70, there are so many birthday's to celebrate.  One of our kids has a special anniversary, and another has a future anniversary that will start this month.

There are a variety of parties on the calendar and hopefully many reasons for celebration!  Housewarmings, house closings, a weekend away to have fun. 

Simply so much going on...

It's been an odd spring here in the Midwest, the sun isn't rising as early as it did last year, so bike rides can't start.  We've had so much rain, which is very welcome after last years drought.  Yesterday it got as high as the low 90's, this weekend it is supposed to be back in the 60's or 70's, just depends who's forecast you look at. It's either raining cats and dogs or so warm that it feels like we skipped spring.
Isabella in the tree enjoying the sunshine!
I can't be the only one that thinks time is moving so fast.  I have never been the kind of person that wants to go backwards, to do something over again, I have never wished I could relive part of the past.  I do wish we could slow things down a bit.  Take a minute to enjoy each other and the days a bit more, instead of making it another check mark on the to do list.

I need to slow down, anyone else want to join me?  Anyone else want to savor those precious moments in life a bit more and the mundane a bit less?