The sunshine of my week, showing me her creation!
I have been so crazy busy lately that I am not sure if I am coming, going, or somewhere in the middle.  I often burn my candle at both ends... right now, it kind of feels like I might have lighted a few parts in the middle.  I am fairly certain that this week has been non-stop full moon.  Or I am trapped in a bad remake of ground hog day.

It isn't that I haven't wanted to talk to you all, it's that I have simply not stopped moving until I have fallen asleep. Crazy busy... I want to say it is simply the month.  I am dreadfully afraid it is that old illness I thought I had over come, that one where your brain is screaming "NO!!!!!!!!" and some how magically your lips are moving of their own accord "YES!!!!!"  Yesitis... yep that is what it's called.

A long time ago, I had a complete inability to simply say no.  I spent a lot of time angry at myself, doing things I really didn't want to do, simply because I didn't have the emotional ability to say no. And once I say yes, even if I am hating myself, and the person I couldn't say no to, I finish what I said I would do.  That is just how I am.  I even earned a Presidential Award as one of President Bush's Thousand Points of Light Volunteers because of that silly disease.  I didn't set out to win an award or even to be recognized, I do not like to be the center of attention and I don't do things for recognition.  I simply do what needs to be done when I know it won't get done otherwise.

I have agreed to take on multiple responsibilities at work that are new to me, and that if I were honest I really didn't have time for.  So now, each day ends up being longer and longer and frankly it is burning me out this stretch!  I was looking forward to Friday - a day off!  Instead, I will be going to a meeting for three hours.  I wish I could have stood my ground, I am tired.  But being me... that didn't happen!

I have dealt with some people that truly are special this week.  And no I do not mean that in a good way.  I am so tired of crazy this week.  I am not someone that likes to deal with stress and this week has found a way to be loaded with it... hmmm... maybe I should have read my horoscope?

Many of the things that are taking my time are things I love and want in my world, they are the things that strongly belong there!  A few hours with my Grand baby for her play, a chance to go to my daughters for her Pampered Chef party, time chatting with my son, a walk with sweet hubby for a coffee break in the middle of the day, mowing my grass and tending my garden.  Making schnitzel for my son and of course us.  Finding a bit of time to visit with my baby sister and trim her hair as she gets ready for her daughters graduation, in the midst of saying good bye to her Gramma-in-law who went home after 100 years.  Supporting her while she is helping her family heal. Those are the things that make life worth the breath.

Hubby is starting work on quilt #2, will quilt #1 this weekend
Sandy is prepping to hand quilt her treasure!
I did have the fun of helping my quilting class, only one more week, I am sad.  But a new class will start the following week! It isn't full yet, but I am hopeful.  We will have a party and I am making each a special gift.  Pictures will be taken and hopefully more friendships will be formed. It's been a good respite from crazy!

Brenda is checking out her machine quilting, so wonderful!
Sandy giving Viola tips!
Anyone else living a too fast life?  Has crazy over taken you? Time to regroup and look for the positive!  Time for sleep....

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