Friday, May 10, 2013

A wake up in the city...

It's morning... after an incredibly peaceful night... the city is moving again!  These people don't stop moving!  And so quickly... Taxi's zipping along... Not sure if there is a speed limit out there. People... so many people, moving so fast, all in a hurry to be somewhere else.

Whew... I am tired just watching them.  wonder how much coffee is consumed here.  As there is at least one coffee shop on each corner, it has to be substantial.

Today... while hubby is in his meeting I have decided to walk down to Millennium Park and take more pictures, I am going to take the umbrella and walk to the lake too...

I want to fully experience this complex city.  My experiences here are very limited, I don't want to judge too harshly.  I do know that I am not a huge fan of crowds,  and the mass of humanity has me concerned. I plan to keep an open mind and soak up all that is Chicago, after which I will make up my mind to determine if it is a city that is on my must do again list, or if it is on my been there saw that list.

I am enjoying the architecture, the variety and eclectic nature of this wild city on the water.  I am looking forward to seeing Lake Michigan, as a Pennsylvania native, I am really drawn to our great lakes. And look forward to finding the bits of history hidden in the mass of steel and glass.  The juxtaposition of past, present and the peek into the future is fascinating to me.... More tonight... lets see what I find on my walks today!