Thursday, May 30, 2013

Overworkers Anonymous?

mmmmmm.... coffeeeeee.... Yep that is the voice in my brain today!  I am ready for the weekend, ready to relax and unwind. I woke up remembering that it is only Thursday. Thursday is so far from Friday when you are just exhausted!  Long, short weeks are brutal! Am I the only person that feels like a holiday is rewarded with a busier four days? 
I wish I could say it was work that was keeping me running in circles... sadly, it's not.  My fur boys and my men keep wanting to eat (what in the world is up with that?), the laundry needs attention and the garden is still not all the way planted.  I have to admit that in this world of mine right now, I am an equal opportunity slacker! There is an equal balance of things not getting done!

I am anxious to start the weekend this week.  I think I am just tired of always being behind.  I am already creating my to do list.  I want to finish getting my garden in, it looks so sad as we are moving into June.  I still have three beds that haven't been cared for at all! The three that are planted are doing quite nice and soon we will have radishes, carrots, lettuces, beets and swiss chard... the other three are growing an odd assortment of weeds!

There are more storms brewing, that is what the radio said as it jarred me out of sleep.  We sure have had a good amount of rain this year. I for one am grateful! Last year was so dry, what difference does it make if I have lots of time to plant a garden if it's so dry that it struggles to survive? We aren't flooding, just soggy.  Unless we have severe storms this weekend, I am planning to finish those beds that need love and get things moving! Then hope that Mother Nature didn't decide we needed a years worth of rain in April and May.

I also have quite a few chores around the house that need attention.  Funny how when the professional life gets a bit nutty the personal one starts to slide, and the first thing to go is the chores! I will freely admit that being a creative person, when I find a spare minute or two I am usually creating something... Not cleaning... but still geez... It's crazy how fast it all catches up with me! Let's hope I can focus enough to put off some of that creativity to get some work done first.

All this stuff is gathering in my brain... it's all looking for a weekend to happen, although, I did notice when I woke up this morning the sun was breaking through.... maybe it is looking for a morning to happen? I need an intervention I do believe! 

This week still has two more days, and they are going to be busy ones... I have quite a few tasks that are waiting for my attention today and tomorrow.  A few meetings and plans to make.  Things are always different there, I think that is one of the reasons that I love my job, it's never the same, it always different...

So much stuff rattling around demanding attention... but it's morning, and my coffee is steaming!  Today it is calming me, drawing me into focus... yesterday was a tough day, I had two staff out sick, and my schedule was already packed when I had to do their jobs.  I am waiting with apprehension to see what today brings.  I will do a better job of managing the chaos today, I have to...

Coffee anyone?