If April Showers bring May flowers... what do May showers bring?

I love spring!  I am all about the rebirth, starting my garden, the flowers, the birds and the warmer temperatures. 

Living in the Midwest... it also means ants! Lots of ANTS!  And the more it rains the more we have.  I have lived all over the world, I know that each area has it's own unique spring friends. When I lived on the coast it was fleas, in the southwest it was spiders, I have lived places where it is roaches and others where it is flies, mosiqtoes, or silverfish.

I am not sure any of them are any better than the others.  I am not a fan of any kind of bug invading my personal living space.  I know crazy, especially since I love the outdoors and would easily move to my little place in the woods.  I simply cannot stand crawling things inside my house.  Out in their natural habitat I am great with it.  I will watch those little guys make trails and be as industrious as ever - OUTSIDE!

Last night I went to bed forgetting they had found an inroad and were trailing along the wall.  This morning... I went to work. I found a great suggestion on Pintrest, and we have tried many different "cures" over the years, those little buggers and invasive!  But I am not a fan of poisons, or baby powder all over my house.  I am a fan of the scent of cinnamon, as it turns out... those little black demons are NOT!  The will run for the hills as soon as they smell it.

So all window frames, all door frames and possible crack they can get into gets a regular healthy dose of cinnamon oil extract.  I bought it to make soaps, and it is potent.  The ants scramble and my house smells heavenly.  The only challenges are it has to be reapplied and it doesn't like plastic, gross is an understatement when it comes in contact with plastic.

By the time I get home, the ants will be back outside where nature will take care of them.  My boys' dinner will be safe from the little creepies. 

So I guess May flowers come from April showers, and ants come from the rest of the showers!! 

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