Who Are You?

Each day I sit down and reflect on the odd things that go through my mind. And let me tell you I know they
are odd.  I am not a person that moves steadily through life, I have ups, downs, twists and turns.  I see things through different lenses all the time.  Some days I am upbeat and have those silly rose colored glasses on. Those times I am always seeing things perfectly pink and cheery.  Others I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and those glasses are dark and blurry.  Most days I am pretty even keel with a good out look on life.

Each day I sit here in my cozy overstuffed brown chair with a cup of coffee and a critter or two and I write about whatever happens to have my attention that day.  When my cousin read my first blog she asked me what the focus of my blog was going to be, was I going to teach something new?  Travel and send it out there, or was it going to be a more personal blog.  I didn't know.  I still don't.  Mostly, it is a personal blog, I guess.  Sometimes I am rambling around the country, some days I'm creating something that I want to share, some days I am searching to understand something and feel that talking it out here will help me put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

This is post 113, since this year began.  2013 is my year of stretching my boundaries, my blog is the accountability factor. It is serving as my compass. I am definitely a person that follows up when they commit to something.  So talking about my hopes, dreams and goals here makes me focus, makes me work to achieve them.

Each day as I write, I wonder about the people that are reading.  I know initially a few close friends and relatives were the only ones that stopped by.  And thanks to Blogger's tracking I know that there are new friends out there in many places where I have no family or friends that read or at least skim through each day... who are you?  As I am exploring who I am and what I want out of my life, the bumps and bruises and sky high moments each day, who am I talking to? 

Do you have the same kind of hopes and dreams that you are searching to find a path to achieve?  How are we the same?  How are we different?  (You know how I love those contrasts). Are you quilters, gardeners, mom's and dad's?  Grandparents, travelers, pet parents?  Do you knit, spin, struggle to balance your life? I am sure I have rambled about so much more in 113 different short stories... where do we connect?

Who am I?  That is what I am hoping to discover.  I know the roles I play in life, I know the things I love to do and conversely the things that I despise.  But somewhere in the midst of all the pieces of me that are scattered randomly, there is the person that I am at my core.  There are my dreams, my goals, my path in this world. That is what I try to define each day.

For being a Leo, you would think I would be outgoing and searching the spotlight... I think I identify more with my Chinese sign, that of a wood snake... reserved and watching.  This blog... is a HUGE step into a pushing my boundaries outward.  I don't want to be a shining star, I don't want to be someone that is always "on", I like being quiet, private, discerning of who my friends are.  I like loving unreservedly because I have taken the time to chose who I love and why.  I will give my all once I let you in, I want to let you in. I want to get to know you...

What can we learn and explore together?  I really want to know... Who are you??

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