Coffee, rain and the Boys!

Coffee, some mornings simply require it. This is one of those mornings!  It isn't that I didn't get enough sleep.  Or that I have anything particularly pressing on my schedule.  In fact, it's a me day and I am really enjoying it.
I would do no such thing... I swear!
 It's cold, damp and dreary.  Big dog woke me up way too early, but his brother wanted to go out, and was waiting at the back door.  They had refused to go out before bed time, neither of them were willing to brave that rain storm.  And as the old guy has gotten to the point he only will "talk" when there is something important to say, he refuses to do so simply to go out.  He sends the Big dog.

I firmly believe my boys and the cats for that matter communicate with one another and Gator rules them all.  At 4:30 the morning a very large big dog was standing on the bed hovering over me nose to nose.  Rolling over did no good, he simply moved closer and leaned in further, he was definitely trying to get my attention. Even petting his big old head didn't help, he was on a mission.  Reaching over to wake Dad up only confirmed what I already knew, Dad was in the man cave, I was going to have to get up and see what the big guy wanted.
The supreme ruler!

Not quite awake I realized the old guy wasn't trailing nor had he been in bed.  It was all becoming quite clear.  Turning the corner into the kitchen, it all made perfect sense.  Gator wanted to go out, he'd sent Neeko to wake mom up.  How they do it I don't know, but as I walked to the door, I watched some kind of secret communication between the two of them.  Gator, moved his head in what could only be interpreted as a nod of approval and Neeko was bouncing around like a proud puppy that was being praised.

After letting them out, I tried to go back to sleep.  Dark, cold rainy mornings are made for sleeping.  Sadly it was too late... the brain had had a chance to wake up and start moving.  All the things I wanted to accomplish today were already talking to me.  I can't really say I have done much since the boys woke me up... Talked to hubby for a few (he was in a hurry to get back down to his movie - he won a new toy and had hooked it up), checked Facebook, wished my sister a happy birthday, and played Words with Friends (although in my case it should be words with family, as they are all I play).

I have enjoyed the morning coffee my hubby always makes for me.  Years ago I saw a joke that I read to him (yeah, I am not someone that can make those kind of things up).  It said even the Bible says men should make the coffee, when he asked where I told him in "He Brews", get it??  He did!  He's got a wicked sense of humor and that really tickled him.  He's been making me coffee ever since.  I have probably only made 50 pots in 10 years.  He makes great coffee, why mess with perfections?  Besides he will even deliver it with a french accent.  Perfection!

Between the rain, the early morning, and the coffee, I think it is going to be a mellow day.  I will pay the bills, work on a few projects that need finishing and wrap it up with a date night with hubby!  He found a German restaurant a few towns over that we are going to check out. But we will start the night with German beer and pretzel tasting... sounds very promising! What are you doing today?

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