Time is never wasted

Sitting here looking at the skyline out of the sixth floor window, definitely is not how I planned the day, but I am grateful for the view.

Here I am 50 years old and I have just been called to my first jury duty.  This room is crazy full, hard to believe that so few will actually be asked to serve on a trial.  I'm kind of ambivalent about it all. I have a crazy amount of work to get accomplished, but by the same token, I would hope that if I ever needed a jury of my peers they would be there for me.

The only true challenge for me is that I do not have the ability to be knitting or even crocheting.  And I feel it is pretty well established that I do not sit still well.  Luckily, I have internet and my chrome book.  So after writing this morning, I am going to spend a bit of time doing the little bit of work I can accomplish from here, and then I guess I will continue to plan my Christmas list if I still have not been called.

This morning as Hubby and I were walking the dog, we were treated to several rare and beautiful celestial happenings.  The moon was breathtaking and huge.  The prequel to tonight's hunters moon, was setting in the west.  It was huge and bright that the entire western sky was luminous, a glow around every home, building and trees.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and me without my camera.  I really need to try to be more organized at 5 am.

Then to the east, was the rarest treat.  We've been watching Jupiter, Venus and Mars do this incredible dance in the early morning sky, some days an almost perfect line, others more curved, with them switching places almost daily.  Today, depending on where we were standing and how little light we were reflecting back Mercury was popping into view at the very tail end closest to the horizon.

Morning walks with the boys are so centering, sure does make you feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.   We were even a bit chilled today.  Okay, maybe a bit more than a bit... It was only in the high 30's.  This year we are slowly drifting into the cold, it isn't rushing up to meet us.  I can honestly say we've only had a few mildly cold days, where the heat was required to take off the morning chill or a small fire in the fireplace - more for ambiance than as a full need.  Although the warmth definitely soothed the soul.

My horoscope this morning warned me that I am on a precipice, that I have a surge of confidence that is going to take me to new and exciting places.  Hmmm... did those stars realize I would spend the majority of my day staring out a window at buildings and the occasional passing plane? I'm sipping, slowly, the last of my coffee and realizing it is not even 10 am.

Wait... it's already 10 am?  This day is flying past, ironically.

After a busy, manually hard weekend, maybe today is my day to be still, to allow my worn muscles to heal. Last night's fitful sleep did nothing to heal them.  Maybe it's a day for me to steal solitude as I wait to be called.  To focus, center and do some of the tasks that the loud busyness that is life rarely allows me to do.

I guess it is all in how you look at it...

Today is not wasted, today is a gift.

While I wait...
I can write
I can plan
I can budget
I can dream
I can focus
I can imagine

What do you do when you wait?

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