Saturday, October 24, 2015


I think I simply need a minute to rest.  Been working on projects since around 4:30 am.  I have enough to keep me busy for hours, okay maybe months yet.  But for a minute, I want to sip coffee, listen to all the leaf blowers and mowers that are racing to beat the rain that is heading our way.

We've been enjoying a beautiful Indian summer, temperatures have been so mild, a few dips close to freezing, but only a few. Hurricane Patricia slammed into Mexico last night, I am so happy to know it missed major cities, but prayerful for those people in the outlying area's.  It's heading into Texas as a tropical storm, we could see some rain from it. We need it.

Hubs has run up to the store, he needs a simply little part to be able to continue working on cleaning out the garage.  Unbelievably, we managed last weekend to clean out the majority of the garage.  There are two boxes left, they go to my sewing room, I believe we have finally moved into our house!  Hubs is now working on organizing the garage, it's frightening to see so much space!  We have just a few bits and pieces to deal with.  I am actually donating a bunch to Disabled Veterans of America or simply giving it away.  I am tired of being a pack rat.

My fireplace room has three pieces of furniture sitting in it right now.  I am getting ready to start on painting them.  I've only been planning it for a year.  My goal... by Sunday to finish all the furniture, make some soap (yep finally found those supplies too), make some cookies (lunches next week will need help), as well as the usual stuff.

Then it will be time to start planning and working on Christmas presents.  I cannot believe we are a week from November, how did this happen? Our boy won't be home this year, so it will be a quiet morning.  We will have to crowd in on the girl and her family for a bit of fun and excitement.  This is going to be a new experience for us.

Work is a bit crazy right now, so I won't be hand making as much.  I'm torn though.  I am not a "commercial person", so needless to say this will be a challenge for me.

Well, I need to get back to work, my coffee cup is almost empty and as the wind picks up outside I realize the day is drifting away.