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I have had it all visualized for the longest time.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, the layout was going to be perfect, I was so excited.  Then this happened...

I know, it looks awesome, right!  And it is not at all what I had planned.  Now I am struggling, because what I had planned looks crowded and just wrong. I know I am replacing the sofa this winter, maybe... hubs wants me to, but it also looks so "right".  It's just not very comfortable anymore.

I spent all day yesterday working on painting furniture.  I have two more pieces to start, I just don't know what I am going to do with the one that was supposed to go where the chair is.

In my haste this morning, I managed to mess up one of the drawers for the dresser, so I am waiting on it to finish curing yet again.

Feeling a bit frustrated.

There is so much that keeps getting pushed back, with Hubs being sick, moving, and simply holding our own, I feel like I am light years behind where I want to be.

I am thankful for my home!  I love it!

I am blessed for my career!  Being able to be such a strong part of so many lives and all the blessings I get to be part of daily - totally fills my "bucket".

There simply aren't words for how thankful and blessed I am to finally have the Hubs healing and healthy again.

Maybe that is some of the anxiety.  Some of the push to get so much accomplished.

I haven't quite accepted that he is doing great!  I started to say fine, but when you add up the days and realize it hasn't even been four months, he is doing phenomenal!  Doc said it will be a year or so before he is back to perfect, it's still scary.  They still haven't said the staph won't come back, we won't know that for several years.  Maybe that is why I am so desperate to have everything... I don't know, normal?

For over a year we have lived in our beautiful home, it's been full of half finished tasks and projects needing tackled.

For over a year, it feels that I have forgotten how to cook, how to do anything but rush from one challenge to the next.

I have been in a constant state of "rush".

I am finding that even my knitting projects are part of rushing, I only tackle things I can complete while on the go.  I haven't quilted, used my spinning wheel, or anything in so very long.  My blog has been neglected and I gave up on my garden.  My soap supplies sit gathering dust and so many projects are neglected.

This weekend I feel like I hit a reset button.  I've not gotten dressed to go anywhere, other than the short trip to the store for items we couldn't do without.  I haven't talked to anyone but family.  And I have focused on stuff that is important to me.

I have blogged twice - I know you are probably as shocked as I am.  I have finished two pieces of furniture and even cooked.  It's frightening.  As I am working on laundry I am doubtful that the soap will get made this weekend, I want to, but... the carpets need cleaned and they are a higher priority.

Even Hubs is moving into a routine.  He worked on the Divine Ms. Em (although I sure was the one wrapped around the steering column threading that manual choke cable through) and got even more stuff clean out in the garage.

It feels good.

Slowing down.  We need to do this. As I was out on the deck enjoying the last few stubborn flowers, hanging in the midst of all the falling leaves and dying greenery, I realized that life is far to short to keep rushing.  A year ago we were heading into a terrifying stint of time, I think it's finally time to put it behind us... a full year later, it's like a bad nightmare.

Hubs and I need to get back to us.  We need to remember to live. We are great at earning a living, maybe not so great at living a life.

Now if I could just decide what to do with those pieces of furniture....

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