Friday, October 9, 2015

If we still had front porches...

I am dancing down the nostalgia road big time today. Hubby started off my morning with a long hot soak in the tub, listening to "older" country music, the kind that speaks to my very soul. The kind that makes me long for the "good ole days".  Makes me long to slow things down, to have time to linger on the front porch with the neighbors and family. Ironically, none of us have a "front porch" in my neighborhood.  We all have huge decks to hide out behind our homes, but nothing bringing us together.

My Susie Homemaker heart has me making a big pot of turkey, barley and vegetable soup that is simmering on the stove, the aroma is incredible! I have to work late tonight, and frankly, I am incredibly sick of grab and go food!  I long for soup simmering, fresh baked bread that I know the ingredient list of, a sweet treat that I have made myself.  Usually, I go into work super early on my closing days, so that we only make one trip.

Today, I couldn't do it. I love my job, I am blessed to work with amazing people, and I get to touch the lives of so many that probably need that front porch just as much as I do.

But today, I needed to slow down.  They will get at least 8 hours, but not 12 straight.  My fibro is choosing to act up and if I don't play it smart it will kick my tail feathers.

Instead I have spent the morning lost in the early 90's, humming to music that talks about family, friends, and home.  All the things that are precious to me.  I was going to spend it knitting, but that tub... well...

I have been dealing with too many things lately, that needed to be put into perspective.  I am wondering how many others feel that life is moving far to fast.  How many don't take the time to slow down, to breathe.

There is a sweet man from Africa that comes to my Y every day.  He is a quiet man, tall and his eyes hold a world we can't begin to understand.  His English is beautifully accented, he's incredibly intelligent and compassionate.  He lives quietly on the streets of our city.   For a long time before I convinced him to trust us he would come in every other day and pay the guest fee simply for a shower.  His pride is so strong.

He brings out the nurturer in me.  He's shared that he left Africa for a better life, to keep the trouble far from him.  He's got a gentle smile that betrays a bitter past.  The team I work with have managed to get clothing gathered for him, I am in search of a jacket to shield him from the coming cold.  He's so tall and slight.  And I am going to knit him a warm hat.  He will take it, and his eyes will betray the hurt to his pride and the thankfulness all in one glance.

When did we stop being that world, that cared for those in need, those that didn't demand it.  When did we become a country of people that demand things at the point of a gun or knife.  When did we stop being those people that showed love and compassion?  When did that fall out of style?

I need to step back onto my front porch.  I need to be more of the person that I am and less the one that feels... I don't know... disconnected?  I need to reconnect.  With myself, my family, my friends, and more people that are quietly searching for that loving hand of help.

Hubby will be here shortly, and I will be able to have a warm nutritious lunch with him. Then I will head in.

Take a minute, think about it.... are you a front porch or back deck person.  Do you have the love in your heart to heal a nation, our own...