Sunday, July 28, 2013

brrrrr.... chilly in July??

It's late July, it's the Mid-west and it is fifty degree's outside this morning?!?  I am beyond amazed right now.  This is definitely my kind of weather and even more definitely not the kind of weather that usually happens in this neck of the woods at this time of the year ever!!

I am not sure what is going on... but Mother Nature is my kind of gal this weekend.  I do not do well with hot weather, my body hates it, it makes me cranky, tired, irritable and just plain miserable.  So these cool days are perfect. I could live further north if I could convince hubby, but sadly that is not going to happen.  So I usually just make the best of it. 

I am sure that the repayment will be coming, just like anything else, there is always a price.  I heard the weather man say to enjoy these few really cool days because there was rain and 80's coming on Monday.  Okay... again this is pretty mild for this area... 80's are basically the night temperature this time of the year, not the highs. 

I am perplexed... last summer we endured  temperatures in the 100's and no rain for months... this summer ample rain and mild temps... strange isn't it?  Or maybe this is the repayment for last year?

I am hoping to get out in the garden and get the fall stuff in. I don't often put in a fall garden because I simply can't stand the heat of summer that long.  It's only six and I am hearing lawn mowers in the distance.  It's too early.  The sun has barely broken the horizon, and there is no heat to beat. 

Hubby and I are going back to the country today, we've shown the place down there a few times, we have one more today.  Ironic, we are selling it because we never get down there and we seem to be there non-stop lately.  We were there yesterday, we would have stayed, but there really is no place to put the boys when we are showing the place so we decided against it.  It's a nice drive... okay sort of... I am having trouble with finding a four hour drive nice lately. 

Yesterday we were lucky enough to spend a bit of quality time with the twins and the boyfriend of one on our way back, it made such a difference in the day.  Laughter and fun with family is always a good thing.  We sure don't see them enough anymore...

I have three quilts waiting to be quilted, I will get to them this week. I am going to take some yarn and crochet hooks with me today, I am considering getting a booth at one or two of the craft shows this fall.  I love making fun hats and it will keep me busy on the drive.  Like I said, I don't sit well and four hours driving time is enough to make me scream...

Well... I think I have rambled enough... I am going to go and enjoy this cool weather, a hot cup of coffee and a good book... chores and stuff like that can wait a bit...