Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thrifting... Saturday morning with Hubby and friends...

Today dawned crisp and bright.  I know, crisp is not a word usually associated with the Midwest in mid-July. But it was... At 6:30 am when we left to go to the flea market with our friends, jeans and a sweater were almost the uniform of the day.  Brrr... OUTSTANDING!  I love those kind of mornings.  Not hot, not cold, just wonderful!

There is a flea market/garage sale(?)  I guess you would call it at a local food pantry once a month.  All the proceeds go towards stocking the pantry and you never know what you will find Usually, I simply find nothing to my liking or needs, although Hubby did find me an awesome crock pot for soap making a few months ago.  Hubby is the thrift shopper... he loves resales shops and garage sales, he is always searching for a lost treasure.

Me... not so much a shopper, if I need something I want to shop, find and buy.  You will never find me deliberately cruising the mall, although I might hang out in a fabric/yarn/fiber store for a bit... and I have been known to meander through a quality wood shop searching for the perfect bit of wood for a project. But flea markets and stuff don't hold the same fascination.

Ah, but Hubby... he is a tinkerer, always on the look out, he loves gadgets and electronics, he is a radio fanatic and watches... oh my...  today he found some things that were really awesome.

We only intended to go to the flea market, he was going to come home and make some biscuits (he makes really yummy biscuits).  The flea market ended up yielding 2 boxes of mason jars (beautiful ones with sunflowers on the sides), a beautiful plate rack for the wall, a large cotton fabric perfect to back a quilt (queen size even) and a needlework piece (so pretty... I think it will eventually become a pillow) all of that was a whopping $3... can you believe it?

Heading home we decided to stop at Denny's... we haven't had time to hang out with our friends in far too long, so we decided instead of wasting time cooking we would enjoy eating breakfast and visiting.

At some point hubby decided to hijack the day, he was on a mission.  Next stop was several yard sales, an hour or so in Savers, and a serious score on quilt fabric.  Hubby also found a beautiful candle holder.

By noon we had been thrifting for almost 5 solid hours, but hubby hadn't run out of steam yet... We found a few more yard sales, hubby found a garden wagon for me (well, it wasn't originally one, but it definitely is now) and since free is one of my favorite prices, I was happy!

Ultimately we ended up at Eckerts, I have mixed feelings about Eckerts.  I love the fresh, pick your own, etc... but Eckerts to me is a bit too "commercial". I prefer to support local so that part works for me, but I also prefer smaller.  That being said, for a change Eckerts wasn't over priced, and I picked up a bushel of peaches (cobbler tonight... yum,yum...) and I also got a few pints of fresh picked blackberries, I am making some blackberry jam, my personal favorite!

The cool weather and the rains have made for some tasty peaches, and I will probably have plenty to either freeze or can.  Maybe... spiced peach sauce or butter....

It is definitely going to be a bit busy of a weekend, I enjoyed my morning junking and hanging out with hubby, the quality time with our friends, and now simply relaxing in my living room.  In a bit I will go and slice those peaches, make my jam, and then I want to start on a quilt that I have been commissioned to make.  I am so excited about these things.

Tomorrow will be another busy one... Hubby and I are heading down to our country place, lots of mowing, cleaning and tidying to do, we've finally made a decision about what we are going to do with it...

How are you spending your weekend??