Monday, July 22, 2013


I don't know when my daughter switched from being simply my beloved child, into my best girl friend... but she did...My son hasn't quite made the full transition, but my girl... oh yeah!!

She and I have not had an easy road.  I was the proverbial strict parent, she was the original free spirit.  Those two things do not mix well. Heck they don't mix at all.  Her teen years were battles that were almost insurmountable!!  We rivaled the troops storming Normandy beach all too many times.

I am an odd mix of old fashioned and hippie, she is an odd mix of gypsy and determination.  During her teen years I can't tell you how many people said "she is just like you were"... ummm no, that was my response then and my response now.  I was a fearful teen, I wanted to rebel, but frankly, I had absolutely no backbone.  My girl, she was fearless and often reckless.  She and I are nothing alike.

And we are completely alike... we both are very family centric and oddly neither of us could have been called "kid people".  I remember my Aunt offering to raise my sweet girl until she was older, because I simply didn't do babies... not my thing.  Too funny, considering now if you ask me to describe myself I will often list my top three - not always in any particular order as mom, wife, gramma... my world centers around my family.

My sweet daughter is an even stricter Mom than I was... yet she is probably the best mom I have ever met.  My grand daughter has no doubt that her mother loves and cherishes her, and she has no doubt that if she crosses the line she will hear about it.  She's raised a strong, smart, compassionate, empathetic, determined young daughter and she's only going to be seven next month.

I think I raised a strong, smart, compassionate, empathetic, determined woman myself...  She has gone head on with so many things in her young life and even though she has hurt and been almost destroyed by those things, she keeps smiling and being her wonderful self.

She rally's around her step sons and even the wayward kid that she has taken under her wing.  She has a heart bigger than the world and if you are an animal... she will be your best friend - even if she does not like the type of animal you are. I have seen her take her own clothing and sneak it to another in private so they could have nice and not be embarrassed by the gift.  She is one of the most unselfish loving people I have ever known...

I am so proud of her, I always have been... even during those horrid teen years!

But what I love the most, is that we talk... a lot!  I am amazed at the incredible conversations we have, the way we laugh and support each other.  I love that she and I are so different and so the same.  I love that no matter what we can encourage and support one another.

I thought I was tired last night and when she called I wasn't...

I enjoyed talking with her, laughing, learning and simply enjoying.  We shared a laugh at her Dad's expense (well... I wasn't really joking... he better be more careful this time!).  My grand daughter even allowed us to talk to a while, it was great.

I don't know when the change happened... But I cherish the relationship I have with my beautiful girl...