Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shaking out the cobwebs... it's time...

Productive morning and I haven't even had to leave the house, my kind of day... Hubby and I are working on some house clearing... we have so much stuff!  It's time to start clearing out some of it, decluttering the house. 

He just listed his Dolphin Stadium seat on Ebay, I love not having to have a yard sale to get rid of stuff.  I am not a yard sale kind of person.  I have a feeling Ebay and Craigslist are going to become two of my best friends as I proceed down this path.  Unless my daughter wants to have a yard sale... hint, hint... she is amazing at it.  I simply don't want to do that...

I am going through my craft room, so much needs to go... I am simply not going to ever start cross-stitching on a grand scale ever again.  I find it a bit boring.  Unfortunately for me, I used to love it!  I have so many books, several large tubs, probably a few hundred books, these need to all go away... okay maybe not all, but most of them.  There are a few that I will use again.  Hopefully by the end of today I will have a nice Craigslist posting done with all of them listed. I have a feeling some knitting and quilting books and items will make the list too... Heck I think I even dabbled in stamping at one time... that needs to go too!

I also want to get rid of one of the freezers, I simply don't want or need it anymore.  I have one that I use and one that takes up space... I need to get rid of the one taking up space.  I am just tired of so much stuff.

I am also working on a bag or two to donate to Saver's... I completely love that store, I love that it donates a portion of it's sales to the Vietnam Veteran's Association.  Not to mention it is a joy to shop in.

I think we are both pack rats, nope I am sure that we both are.  We have so much clutter.  I am not sure if it is memories, lack of time, or simply not important enough to worry about.  Hmmm... All I know is I am tired of clutter.  It is making me stressed. 

I honestly think that is why I love the country so much.  I only have exactly what I need there.  Nothing at all more than that. It makes life feel so much less complicated.  I am ready to move on to that state of mind here too.  I need to declutter. 

I have spent the morning ironing fabric and sorting it out.  It is time to make some serious scrap quilts, maybe I will keep them, maybe I will gift them, maybe I will sell them.  But all those beautiful fabrics sitting around is shameful and wasteful. 

I guess I am at a turning point, I guess that I have finally reached the point in my life that things are not as important as the people.  I need little, use little, but I am surrounded by so much.

Yep... it's time...