Good Morning Sunshine??

Okay, that is kind of funny... as it is supposed to be raining in a few minutes.  In fact if one were to believe The Weather Channel it is raining pumpkins outside it is raining so hard... Pumpkins?  Seriously?  I have never heard that before... who thinks of that kind of stuff?

I think I have finally run out of sleep... I have literally spent the last four days sleeping, I guess I needed it.  I was simply not feeling good.  I am usually careful with my health, I know my limits, I guess I haven't been paying attention.  So frustrating to have lost the majority of four days because I haven't been using common sense.  I know better! It's been 16 years, I really do know better.

It might be time to consider a real vacation.  Hubby and I had 4 days off to relax and we did. Hence the power sleeping.

A year ago we were enjoying the last bit of our Germany vacation, getting ready to come home, wishing we had weeks more. 

Hubby and I on a windy German day!
My oldest kids are in Kauai right now, and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I am a bit worried... seems Tropical Storm Flossie has been bearing down on them, I was quite relieved to hear the news forecaster call it Tropical Depression Flossie this morning.  Seeing how close to the beach their father lives definitely concerns me, but we've discovered in our family that a vacation without a healthy dose of "adventure" thrown in just isn't going to happen.

The oldest two enjoying the Hawaiian coast

Grand baby enjoying Hawaiian Ice as the sun sets on the beach!
Hubby and I haven't really planned a vacation this year.  We've toyed with meeting his sister and brother-in-law in Indiana - the half way point for both of us, for a weekend. It's been a lot of years since we've done that and none of us are getting any younger. For whatever reason we haven't been able to set a date, so that is probably not going to happen.

Who knows... maybe we will just plan a few weekend trips... bouncing around and spending some quality time just being vegetables! That doesn't sound bad... remember I am a complete homebody and already spend way too much time away from home...

Today, I am heading back to work, feeling much more refreshed, still tired, but not exhausted.  I definitely need to slow it down, I need to remember I am not superwoman (darn)... making muffins this morning I realized how important that connection to home is for me.

Cranberry Orange muffins hot out of the oven!!
Maybe I don't need a vacation, maybe I need more staycations... how about you?

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