Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rolling Thunder and Sunrises...

Thunder, lightening and sunshine??? oh my!
Coffee... Sunrise... and thunder?  Odd combination... The last thing I expected to see this early morning was a sunrise... I have been sitting here listening to the thunder and seeing the flashes of lightening... figured it was going to be a crazy, stormy morning when I finally looked out.

It's been a slow morning here.  For some reason I woke up around three and simply could not get back to sleep... I was laying there snuggling my old dog, and the silly brain just wouldn't stop.  I was thinking back to the quilting class last night, planning my day, day dreaming about what I could do with nice quiet day.... everything but sleeping.

I spent most of my free time yesterday trying to learn how to work my new phone.  I was not in the market for a new phone, in fact I absolutely love my old one.  Funny thing about phones is that they do not bounce well... in fact they really don't bounce at all.  And I dropped mine flat and shattered the screen.  They also don't work well when you drop them hard enough to shatter the screen.  So new phone it is.  I am not a technology fan, it simply isn't my thing.  It isn't that I can't, it's simply that I don't want to. Besides, I loved my Windows phone, it was so easy to use, and now I am being forced into the Droid seriously not sure how I feel about that.

I would much prefer to be fiddling with other things.  Like quilting, knitting, gardening, crocheting, etc... yep, that would be the old fashioned girl I am.  I really enjoyed last night.  It was the last class of this session.  The only one coming back next time is "S", and she is simply amazing!  She finished her table runner - it looks GREAT! I am amazed at her skill set, she is learning so quickly.  She started cutting out her next quilt.  It is one of my favorite patterns... sailboats.  I got to help her with cutting it out.  I can't wait until she gets started on piecing.  She is so talented I know that soon she will stop coming because her skill will be greater than my ability to teach her.  For now I will enjoy watching her talent grow!

We finally got to start tying "V"'s quilt... It is so awesome!  She is coming up on a hard deadline, the gift is going to be amazing!  I hope I get to see it when she is done. I also hope that the recipient loves it!  And realizes how much love and work has gone into the creation.  Both of hers are so lovely and special!  Helping her fold them last night, I was remembering back to the two big bags and all those shirts.  Maybe she will take another class later... if she never does, she will always have those two matching quilts to show for a few weeks work. I hope they will warm the heart like they will warm the body.  I will miss having her in class.

I am excited for the next class, although I need to get busy and find a few more people to fill them.  This next session I am starting a second one, hoping to get more folks interested, it will be during the day.  I think these will be the last two t-shirt classes, it's time to move on to something else. Maybe a fall pattern, so that as summer winds down and the chill moves in the participants will have their own quilt to curl up under.... yep... I am a bit of a dreamer can you tell?

Rain moving in...

That sunrise is finally being washed away... the rain promised earlier is coming down in buckets... I am okay with it.  It breaks the humidity that was lingering over us yesterday.  I hate humidity. I would like to stay home in my jammies and quilt today.  Probably take a nap too, but it isn't going to happen. 

Yep, the rain found us..
I think I will simply sip another cup of coffee and daydream, before I jump into this day... how are you starting it?