Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What a super, duper Hubby I have!

How do you celebrate Wednesday?  Evidently at our house it's with yellow roses and french toast.  I have the sweetest hubby!  Coming up on ten years and he will still get up, before his first cup of coffee and run out to get some bread to make french toast and arrive back home with flowers.

And will place a call to me on the way to be sure I catch the beautiful sunrise.  While also telling me the only thing more beautiful than the sunrise is me. Sweet!  Now yes I know he is full of, you know what, I know I am not beautiful.  And I am really okay with that, because I know that I am beautiful in his eyes.  He spoils me terribly!  

Today, it is beautiful yellow roses with some sweet red flowers that I can't identify tucked in for contrast. I might need to slow him down a bit, before people mistake my house for a funeral home.  But I sure do love them!  And yes, he's right they make me smile. He suggested I take them to work, but we are closed tomorrow and my office is not kind to roses, the heat kills them quick!  No they will stay at home so I can enjoy them.

I don't know how he knows it, but some days those little things can change a grouchy moment to a good one.  This morning, I was a bit grouchy.  I had to pay our Missouri Income Tax again.  If you aren't from the local area you probably won't know this, but Schnucks had millions of credit/debit cards compromised, a lot of folks had their accounts hacked and lost money... we didn't, but as a result the banks were on a reissued frenzy.  Missouri hadn't taken their money out yet, Illinois was that day it was submitted - yeah this state is that broke, but Missouri took their time. 

When I realized they hadn't done it and we had a new account number I started trying to reach them... isn't it amazing how hard they are to reach when your account has been compromised? I finally gave up, figured they would contact me when they wanted their money.  They did.  And because of a grocery store, that screwed up everyone in the Metro East and them being virtually unreachable, I get the privilege of paying them an additional $25 for errors that I did not make... It's not that it killed me financially, but it definitely irks me.  It's bad enough to know I have to pay two states and a city I don't live in for the privilege of having a job... Oh well...

I have french toast, beautiful flowers, pretty compliments... and a beautiful sunrise to start my day!  What more can a girl ask for?  Somehow, he always knows when I need that smile and happy feeling....