Fairy tales can come true...

Wow!  Ten years with Hubby and never a dull moment!!  He promised me that when we married, he would never be boring or dull... have to say he has definitely lived up to that and then some!

I should have known it would be an adventure when Mr. Horseman kept riding off the trail and my smitten horse (being ridden by a terrified rider) kept following... it's definitely been an adventure!

Seat #1

Last night hubby took me to a baseball game, I love to go to live Cardinals games.  Sadly, not the same on the television.  We had great seats, in the field box, just near third base. It was incredible. A couple of German beers before heading out (because... 1 - I'm cheap and almost $9 for a beer is nuts!  and 2 - Budweiser is not really beer... sorry folks, but it's not!), a very short walk to our seats it was all set to be incredible!

A few minutes later, just as the first inning is getting ready to start, a very sweet lady, behind us in the handicap section came up and asked us if we would mind terribly switching them seats.  Their seats were about 5 rows closer and even better than ours, but they wanted to all sit together. Sure!  No problem at all!! 
Seat #2

The evening was definitely getting better, the temperature was perfect and we were close enough to the field read their names on their uniforms, clearly.

I guess I should insert ominous music here... because when things are going that good with Hubby... something is going to happen...

Yikes!  Hello First Aid!

snap... picture taken with the camera... bang... seat collapses with hubby in it right down onto his left ankle...  Yikes!!  Not even through the first inning and folks are running for first aide, helping me unwedge him from the combination of close aisles, seat folded on his leg and him being in a really odd position that maybe resembled a failed yoga pose.

Hmmm.... good thing I had stopped drinking at that point...

The folks at the stadium were awesome, the sweet lady that had asked us to switch was horrified and apologetic, and we watched the rest of the first and all of the second inning from the first aid station.

Seat #3
Foot wrapped, no evident damage, just stuff pulled ways they shouldn't be and we had our third seats of the night... Wow!  These ones were amazing!  We went from behind third base, to sitting behind the dugout... nothing blocking our view, in the shade... WOW!!  Although we did have that rouge Cubs fan (yeah he must have gotten lost and I am guessing by the mass quantity of beer he drank that he was trying to hide his shame)... but it was great!

How did he get in?  Guess he wanted to see a winning team!

Yep!  We won!!
There has never been a dull moment... 10 years ago hubby promised me laughter, joy, adventure and love... Sure there have been rough patches.  The laughter is sometimes bitter.  There really are boring days (I live for those), the adventure has sometimes leaned towards things I could have lived my entire life without, the joy has sometimes been bitten at the edges with sadness and tears.

But the love.. Well the love has always been strong and perfect!  Through the dark times, through the good, during times that test the strongest love... our love has proven to be strong, powerful and everlasting!

Ten years ago, someone said to me... "I give it a year... then we will talk... you will see"... I just want her to know... She was wrong, so very wrong...

My sweet hubby... I love you!!  I'm ready for the next 10, 20, 30.... bring it on!!

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