Monday, July 1, 2013

Bully, bully go away...

I detest bullies... you know those folks that think that because they are bigger and louder they are going to get their own way or be really ugly if you don't let them have it?  Today I had someone do that.  It really made me sick to my stomach. 

Just because you don't get your way does not mean you can raise your voice and stand over me.  I am not really smart enough to back down from bullies.  Or maybe I am not dumb enough to let them push me around.  I don't like when people aren't entitled to something, they haven't earned it, but they are sure if they are loud, obnoxious and just plain ugly they will get it anyhow.   Trying to force you to bow to their will.

Hubby worries about me, he's sure I am going to get shot someday because of my stubbornness.  I think he wishes that I wouldn't refuse to be bullied.  I'm sorry, but no. 

Mr. Bully, today all you did was make yourself look like a jerk.  Your name calling and ugliness didn't ruin my day.  It did bring my blood pressure up for a minute or two, but that is all.

Hubby likes to tell folks about when we were newlyweds and had a spat, hubby is a Vietnam Vet and his temper makes mine look tame sometimes.  During that time, he was getting loud and really upset, and he reminded me that he could go Vietnam crazy on me... well in typical fashion I said I don't care and stood up to him.  We both ended up laughing and that is when he decided that I was crazy! Maybe so... but almost 10 years later we rarely even disagree, much less fight.

Bullies are different though.  They want it their way, and if they can't have it their way they will do their best to make you feel less than.  I don't do less than, there was a time that I could be bullied, I wasn't strong enough in my own heart and convictions.  I am not her anymore.  I am a strong enough person now, but so many aren't.  So many are still able to be bullied and made to feel less than. 

To all the bullies out there... take heed... there is always someone bigger, meaner, uglier than you. Or there is always someone like me... yep I'm short, a little rounder than I should be, my color should be irrelevant - although you chose to make it an issue, and you better believe I can be a "B"... and not everyone is going to let you push them around.  Why not go back home and learn a lesson in manners?

Maybe parents need to spend a bit more time raising their kids and teaching them to be respectful and kind.  Teach them to love others and compromise. Help them understand that conversation and communication are a better way to move forward in life. Maybe then they will be happier people, and Lord knows all the folks that have to deal with them will be happier too....

Go away bullies... go find the attention you are searching for somewhere else.