Saturday, July 6, 2013

Distracted and frustrated...

Yep, that is me today.  I am distracted and frustrated... my to do list is super long, my desire to garden and quilt is so strong... and the pain in my neck is stopping me cold from most of it.  I don't know if I slept wrong or what, but this is slowing me down super big time.  And no I am not feeling strongly about going to the chiropractor again.  I really do not like or trust doctors.  I will decide how to deal with it Monday if it is still screwy. 

I will have to find a new doctor first - as I was just informed that thanks to all the changes and costs associated with Obamacare, and everyone scrambling to make it work for them, I no longer have easy access to any of my doctors or preferred hospital. My insurance company and the hospital group I prefer are no longer working together... seriously?

I am not a political animal, I am a simply woman that loves the freedom to live my life as I choose.  To follow my own dreams and reach for the golden rings that I set in life.  And I am getting more frustrated, annoyed and tired every day.

In January I found out that due to Obamacare, I would have to find a different provider for a medical device, as my insurance would no longer work with one of the largest providers.  Dislike, this means more time away from work for me to find a new company and all the supplies.  Now in July, I find I have lost access to all my physicians and preferred hospital, because the new rules mean the hospitals and doctors won't be making enough money.  Oh sure, I can still use them, but only if I am willing to pay out of network costs to do so.

So instead of going to the doctors I am sitting here in pain, because now, I need to find a new doctor.  I already live in a medical desert, because the county I live in is one of two in the country that are highest for medical malpractice lawsuits and all the doctors have left. It isn't that the doctors are bad here, some of the ones that have left are some of the best in the country, it's because everyone seems to want a free paycheck, and they sue doctors for everything.  Malpractice insurance is through the roof around here... we lose good doctors everyday because it isn't worth it to them to practice anymore.

I am distracted and frustrated... I need to get some stuff done for work, but my neck and arm are hurting, so I am having a hard time focusing.  I want to get some stuff done for me, but I can hardly use my left arm so therefore those things are too difficult and painful to accomplish. 

I pay good money, that I work hard to earn, so that I can have medical insurance, so I can go to the doctor of my choice.  And now... I can't...

I feel everyone has the right to have what they need in life, but I don't feel anyone has the right to have it given to them.  If you want it... work for it... I don't believe that people should be handed anything, oh I believe in exceptions - for those that truly need the help.  There is always a way... if you want it.  And the fact that I am losing something I have worked hard for, so someone else that doesn't want to work can have it... that really bothers me. 

I guess today is not a good day for me to blog... I am distracted, frustrated, and in pain... none of those makes for a good outcome... So today, I guess it is time for me to work on the other things I need to do and shake this feeling...