Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are you kidding me?

Last night blew my mind... driving home we saw something that just defies words.  It defies even the thoughts it would take to make it make sense. I wish I had thought in those stunned seconds to take a picture.

When you get off the highway at our exit, you come up to a very busy, major intersection.  It brings you right to the merges for all the shopping areas and the main road through our town.  We've seen a few accidents in this intersection, its not one I would willingly get out of my car in.  Around here and particularly there a red light actually means speed up, no waiting for you, it's just that no one ever updated the drivers manuals.

Anyhow... as we pulled up to our red light to wait, both hubby and I realize there is a smallish white car in the middle of the road.  It hasn't been hit, it's just sitting there, almost like the guy tried to run the light and got caught.  Like he's waiting to get through when the traffic breaks.

A moment later, we realize his car has stalled out and he is actually blocking traffic and in a semi-dangerous position when he gets out of the car. Now hubby has a strong good Samaritan gene, and I could see him running out there to lend a hand.  Mind you it isn't that I don't have a strong one myself, but I worry about self-preservation too.  So I said to hubby, I don't want you going out there to push that car, it's too dangerous.  Before we could exchange more words, we see a female arm reach over and close the door - no she did not get into the drivers seat - and put her hand on the wheel...

Uh oh... this is not going to be pretty, right?  We are still thinking about this, it's only been seconds, when the guy who will not be able to drive due to being blocked gets out to help push.  Okay, two guys, a smallish car, yep... question answered, no more help is needed.  I know this from experience, being a single woman pushing a smallish car myself up an incline in a dress... that was a long brutal story. 

The car starts to move as our light turns, we are in the other lane in no danger of hitting them... just as I start to tell hubby why don't you pull over after we are out of the intersection t and we can help... the words FROZE in my throat...

The man that had gotten out of his car to help, was pushing this car up the hill, in 90+ degree heat... while the owner is walking along side with one hand holding up his pants (no, sagging is not cool nor attractive and the belt could have been tightened!) and the other barely has his fingers resting on the trunk.  I am sure the man helping could not see this, but I almost threw up!  And the female in the car, was barely steering from the passengers seat.

WHAT?  It's your car, why would you do that?  I can't comprehend it.  The older man was working so hard to help the young guy out, and the young, I'm too pretty to work, man was doing nothing to help himself.

It only took a second or two... the length of a light... what kind of society are we creating?  That is a dangerous intersection, the second man put his own life in danger to help the younger guy.  Cars were flying past coming up a blind hill, they could have been hit.  Maybe the young man's car ran out of gas, or his battery or alternator went out... or, or, or... But to allow another man to do all the work for you so you don't get your bright white shorts dirty, or break into a sweat? 

Disgusting, shocking and disturbing pretty much sum it up... what a nasty entitled group we have in this country.  To the older guy, that had to get back across that busy intersection at rush hour, I think you are amazing!!  Young man in the prissy white shorts afraid to get your hands dirty and own your own problems... Grow up, JERK!

I am thankful hubby didn't get out to help... I would probably be writing this from a jail cell if he had....