Friday, January 30, 2015

It's the little things...

The sounds of Looney Toons are echoing up the stairs.  It's a bit louder than I can take, one of the reasons that I am upstairs.  Two of my favorite people in the world are downstairs giggling, laughing and bouncing their little short attention spanned selves between cartoons and YouTube.  In a few moments I expect to hear Shake it Off yet again.

Grandpa is in his glory with his baby girl.  They are so close, he is always good for getting a giggle out of her. They make the perfect playmates.  Both of them love music and television.  Usually at a very loud volume. In all fairness Gramps is a bit hard of hearing.  Leftover from a stint in Vietnam.  The grand baby has a bit of hearing loss also, so it probably sounds perfectly normal to them both.  I love listening from a distance.  I am far too sensitive to sound to be able to join them, but I love hearing it, from a distance.

It's been a good day.  I was able to spend time with my favorite folks at work.  It was an odd day losing the internet and phone service for most of the day.  There was time for laughter and conversations.  For joy at what we get to witness and for silliness with members.  Lunch with friends, not what I packed, but a warm, greasy burger from Five Guys.  It was yummy.  Thanks Red!

A chance to "chat" with my son.  I am always so amazed watching him become such an incredible grown man.  Realizing that he doesn't need his mom any more, and that it's okay to simply love him for him.  I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that my children are adults now, that they do not need my arms wrapped around them in protection.  It's pretty cool.  I love that I can simply enjoy them, love them and celebrate them! I have not lost the irony that both of my kids are better off financially than I am, but that I still LOVE to send them a little card with lunch money in it.  They probably think I am a total nut case.  And honestly I am okay with that. It brings me great pleasure to send my boy a few dollars for burgers or my girl a Starbucks gift card.

And then home to my sweet grand baby and my boys!  Life is wonderful in its simplicity. I haven't gotten to enjoy that little angel for a few weeks.  Gramps had seen her, but she'd gone home before I got home from work.  Taking her out to Chick Fil A tonight, well that made my night.  She's so silly and fun.  A quick stop at the girl's, resulted in us finding our grandson still at home - he hadn't gone to his friends yet and we sure did scare him.  He's a good kiddo and that is the last thing I would want to do.  He couldn't have been too freaked out he wasn't willing to come home with us.

Foghorn Leghorn is still echoing up the stairs, I just helped that sweet angel make a small pot of hot tea.  She is a fan of Vanilla Rooiboos, and she's commandeered the little red and white tea cup and saucer that my son's sweet girlfriend gave me for Christmas.  Baby girl in the house, cup in her hand, it is what it is.

She and Grampa are enjoying their looney toons and I think Gramma is going to sit here and knit, it's been a week, and Friday finally got here...