Friday, January 9, 2015

Inside my ordinary life...

It's cold and brittle..
Well hellooooo Frostbite... I mean Friday... brrrrr I think it might be a case of both.  Yesterday it started out a balmy 5 degrees, today it's 17.  I really didn't notice a darn bit of difference.  Okay, that isn't true, today the boys wanted "full" walks not the mini-ones they got yesterday. Yesterday was cold minus the wind, today it is cold with a hard wind.  Basically, the same... and simply just plain COLD.

I love winter, but I do not want to be cold if there is no snow.  And unlike last year, there is no snow.  This makes me incredibly sad and very, very miserable.

On the plus side it makes for some drop dead gorgeous sunrises.  And a chance to stay inside and enjoy the company of family and friends.  At least those brave enough to come out to visit and work.

As I sit here defrosting, feeling some tingling pain returning to my face, I am trying to find the energy to get myself up the stairs and ready for work.  I always forget how difficult it is for me to get back to the normal work week after time off.  The pace is different, the need for rest becomes greater. I despise having to budget my energy.  And I never do well the first week.
The picture does not do it justice...
I would sleep in tomorrow, but I am hoping to attend the Disney-Make-A-Wish for Runner.  A dear friend's oldest has stage 4 liver cancer, as rare as the form of epilepsy that he fights daily.  This family is so amazing and inspirational.  He was supposed to go to Disney with his family so he and Daddy could run in the Disney marathon, but unfortunately his doctors feel it would not be good for him.  So instead, there will be a Marathon here for him! I am not a runner, or even a walker in this kind of cold, but I can be a cheerleader! That's my plan for tomorrow, to go and cheer that delightful little man as he and his Daddy run "his" marathon. I don't know if Mom and baby brother will run too, but I am prepared to cheer for them all. I want to help them celebrate that amazing little fighter.

I don't know if Hubby will be up to going.  I guess we will see. I would hate to go without him, especially as he and momma are close buds, but I am not sure how he will feel.  We'll see.  He's able to go out and about a bit more now, mostly within tolerance.  So we will see what tomorrow brings.

The Hubs with his healing buddies...
Seems to me that there has been a bit more sadness and tragedy in my world this past few years.  Another friend of mine lost one of her oldest and dearest friends on Monday.  She will go and celebrate her life this weekend.  Cancer is ugly and steals so much.  The heartbreak that it creates is mind boggling.  The suffering. There are times I cannot take it all in and I am only watching the destruction from the sidelines. I have said so many prayers in recent months for those two and many others. I cannot fathom why we cannot find a cure!

Well, I sure didn't plan to have this go so far down the rabbit hole of sadness, after all it is Friday, it holds so much promise for the coming weekend. I won't only do sad stuff.  I will finally take down Christmas decorations and deep clean my house like I always do as the ornaments and lights come down.  I will finish at least one sock (this is a cheat - I only need to kitchener the toe), and if we can find a date and time hubby and I will have dinner with two of the wonderful young adults I went to Brasil with! Somewhere in that mix I will find time for a bit more unpacking (no I am still not finished) and the usual chores.

It's just an ordinary life... I am so glad it's mine...